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The Ultimate Camping Fridge Buying Guide


Whether you are planning to go on camping with your friends or family, rotten food and warm drinks are the last things that you’ll want on your trip. Camping fridges from CampSmart can be one of the most effective tools to make sure your food stays fresh and your drinks cool when you need them. A camping fridge can easily set you back with a bill of $350 to $2,500 depending on its size and brand.

To buy the best camping fridge as a part of your caravan and camping accessories, you’ll need to know exactly how you’ll use it. Some important questions that should come to your mind include ‘how many people will be using the fridge’, ‘how much time do you plan to spend on your camping trip’ and ‘how big is your vehicle’.

This camping fridge buying guide will help you pick the best fridge out there for your family camping trip.

The Types of Camping Fridges

Before you start your research into buying brand new camping fridges from CampSmart, it is a good idea to learn about what kind of fridges are available. Ideally, there are fridges that have two-way compressor and fridges that have three-way absorption. The biggest difference between the two is that the compressor fridge requires electric power which can be your car battery, whereas absorption fridges can run on an electric power source or gas.

How to Buy The Best Camping Fridge

When looking for a camping fridge, you must consider your budget, the size of your family, and any particular features you need in the camping fridge. Here are some key points you must consider before buying a camping fridge.

The Cost of Camping Fridge

Camping fridges can be bought anywhere from $350 to $ 2,500 depending on its size, type, and brand. When you have figured out the things you need in the fridge, then look for it under your budget.

The Size of The Camping Fridge

Size matters a lot when it comes to camping fridges. But keep in mind the larger the fridge is, the more space it will take on your vehicle. You should consider the size of the fridge based on these factors:

The size of the group – The more the people on the trip, the larger the fridge you’ll need.

The length of the trip – The longer you intend to spend outside, the more space you’ll need in your fridge. Bigger size are especially effective when you are traveling to remote areas with no shops to restock supplies.

The type of food you’ll be bringing – If you are a fan of fresh food, then you’ll need a fridge that is able to carry that food.

The size of your vehicle – Does your car have enough space to carry a big fridge? Consider this if you have a small car with limited space.

With these considerations in mind, you should easily be able to find the best camping fridge out there with affordability in mind.

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