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The 5 Best Motorcycle Gloves for Women


Women who ride have unique needs, and while unisex gloves can be comfortable and durable, sometimes you just need something that fits you perfectly to get the most out of your ride. From performance to safety, here are five of the best selections for women you’ll find today.

Gloves for Racing Performance

The first two selections are great motorcycle riding gloves for anyone who wants to keep a sensitive touch during races while protecting their hands, and they are sized especially for women.

  • Fly Kinetic Racing Gloves: Built for sensitivity and durability, these gloves are practically like a second skin, and there is a model designed specifically for women’s hands.
  • Thor Women’s Spectrum Gloves: The Thor Spectrum design is just wonderful for all-weather protection, but it’s also sensitive enough for racing precision.

Street Riding Gloves for Women

You’re not always going to be racing, so here are some great selections for everyday riding in different seasons.

  • Joe Rocket Classic Women’s Gloves: With a slim presentation and durable leather construction, these gloves are great all-weather choices that provide sturdy protection and the comfort you expect from Joe Rocket.
  • Highway 21 Black Rose: The women’s version of these gloves might just be the best cold weather glove specifically designed for grown women. It’s warm, comfortable, and built to protect your hands in the toughest weather.
  • Five Gloves Women’s Stunt Evo: Built for summertime comfort, with a superior grip factor and warm weather breathability, these gloves are designed to keep your hands as comfortable as possible in the heat, so you can keep riding all day without worry about a slippy grip.

Find All the Gear You Need

Serious riders need gear to fit the season. Check out this resource for a wide range of motorcycle apparel to suit every need in every season and get yourself outfitted for your best ride any time of year.