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What’s better for your budget: smoking or vaping?


There is an opinion that electronic cigarettes are less harmful than regular (tobacco) ones. In fact, this question has not been thoroughly studied. Of course, facts confirming that people are switching to e-cigarettes, with time, no longer feel short of breath, get rid of the pain in a chest and strong cough. There are many other benefits. Scientists do not argue that the electronic cigarette is a panacea for smokers because hovering is quite a young thing and so far there are no serious tests to confirm or refute this hypothesis. The question of the harm or benefit of vape is far from the only one of those that hover around these electronic devices. Often the financial issue is important, and in this article, we will figure out what is cheaper – electronic cigarettes or regular ones.
To begin with, smoking any cigarette, including vape pen, is harmful. Before you buy electronic cigarettes, think again about the potential harm that you cause to health, as well as the possible addiction to nicotine. Remember that although electronic cigarettes are less dangerous for the body than tobacco products, their detrimental effects on the body have not been studied for a long time. So far it is only known that steam can cause diseases (including cancer) of the respiratory, cardiovascular, nervous and other systems. Therefore, if you want to protect yourself from harm completely  – do not smoke or steam at all. At the same time, it can be said that an electronic cigarette is a reasonable alternative to regular cigarettes. If by virtue of habit or personal factors you cannot give up nicotine, it is better that it enters your body without toxic impurities, tar, carcinogens, poisons, which are more than enough in tobacco smoke. Steam is safer.

Is it cheaper to soar or smoke?

More and more people around the world give their preference to modern cigarettes, completely refusing tobacco. This is connected not so much with concern for their own health, but with the desire to reduce their costs.
It is secretly assumed that an electronic cigarette is a very expensive pleasure, but this is more a legend than a reality.
Indeed, some ten years ago, when e-cigarettes rushed into the markets, it was not easy and expensive to buy them. They cost a lot of money, and the service noticeably hit the bill. Today the situation is completely different, which can be fairly justified by high competition, as well as rapid development in the field of technology and appearance of vape shops (Vapindaily, for example).
Often, a smoker who has to choose whether to switch to “nanotechnological” smoking compares the cost of his cigarettes with the cost of an electronic cigarette and makes a choice in the direction of tobacco. To a newcomer in this business, it may seem that the price of a gadget is ten times higher than the price of one pack of cigarettes, and therefore there is no point in changing an ordinary tobacco cigarette to an uncharted device. But here it is worth remembering that an electronic cigarette is bought once and with proper maintenance it can be used for a long time. For a beginner, it is often important that an electronic cigarette be similar in appearance and shape to a regular one.
The myths that e-cigs are much more expensive than regular cigarettes are most likely created to maintain the budget of tobacco corporations. Probably, it is clear for what reasons –  they just do not want to lose their income.
It turns out that the benefits and advantages of an electronic cigarette over obsolete tobacco products prevail. Safe for life and health of the components that make up the liquid, getting rid of unpleasant odors, and as a bonus, a very pleasant saving of your own wallet.
In conclusion, it is worth noting that smoking or hovering is a matter for everyone individually. It is worth remembering that tobacco products are definitely harmful and weightily hit the budget. As for electronic soaring, little is known about the harm here, but this does not exclude the fact that it does exist.
An average smoker who needs one pack of cigarettes a day spends about $ 650 a year to buy cigarettes. A considerable amount, isn’t it? And if you take into account what cigarettes do to you, it may seem absurd. Now imagine what you could spend all the money saved! And, finally, you have a question: “How much will it cost to use an electronic cigarette?” Initially, when switching from cigarettes to vaping, the cost of the starter kit is taken into account, which ranges from $ 15 to $ 40, the remaining costs are buying vape juice and replaceable components (evaporators). According to our calculations, it will cost about $ 50 a month, depending on your device and the amount of liquid that you evaporate. More advanced devices cost more money – better specifications require higher production costs. But, having made a purchase of a device, all your future costs are limited to the purchase of liquids and consumables, the service life of which often exceeds one month. By simple calculations, you can answer the main question yourself. But for clarity, we will demonstrate the numbers. Keeping your e-cigarette and maintaining a supply of liquid will cost you $ 100- $ 250 per year. Agree, it is clearly more profitable than spending $ 650 on cigarettes. Ideally, vaping should help you to throw both cigarettes and steam, which will reduce your expenses on a bad habit to zero! Well, do not forget that, according to the research department of the Department of Health of the United Kingdom, vaping is 95% safer than traditional cigarettes.
An electronic cigarette, if we are talking about a good model, is financially more profitable than daily buying cigarette packs. In conclusion, we only note that it is recommended to buy e-cigarettes and consumables from trusted suppliers, which will protect you from counterfeits, unsafe and low-quality products. Remember that for each different consumer models of devices and liquids may be ideal – be prepared for a conscious independent choice.

About the author: Christina Matthews, the journalist who studies the latest news in the health industry. Now she studies the effects of smoking and vaping on health and reasons of such its popularity.

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