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Top 5 Vehicles for Large Families


One of the most important decisions any family will make is the choice of an automobile. The mainstay of the automotive industry – the family car segment – is the most competitive in the marketplace. As such, it bristles with highly capable offering.

To help you sort through them, Parents magazine, one of the most respected family-oriented publications, recently named its list of the best vehicles for large families.

We’ll focus on five of them here, but you’ll find the entire list at Parents.com.

Chevrolet Traverse

All-new for the 2018 model year, Chevrolet’s Traverse is exceptionally commodious, adequately powered and delightfully comfortable. It’s also well thought through for its primary mission as family transportation. You’ll find six USB charging ports, seating for eight, accommodations for four child safety seats and outstanding cargo capacity. This makes Traverse ideal for family vacations as well as mainstream family duties. A built-in Wi-Fi Hotspot keeps teens connected (and relatively complaint-free) wherever you go. Heated seats and climate control vents for rear passengers add to the sanctity you’ll experience with a Chevrolet Traverse.

Honda Odyssey

Universally agreed upon by experts to be the smartest solution ever devised for family transportation, the minivan stands head and shoulders above its more popular crossover SUV competition. And yet, the minivan segment is very nearly decimated. Perhaps proof the best hold on regardless, Honda’s Odyssey has been revised for the 2018 model year. Long recognized as the leader in its class, this new Odyssey is the best one Honda has ever offered. The second-row seats slide apart to keep squabbling siblings in neutral corners and an interior camera helps you keep tabs on a sleeping infant in the back seat. However, the single most innovative feature of the 2018 Honda Odyssey is the way its navigation system links with the “Are We There Yet?” app so you’ll never have to suffer that query again.

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Subaru Outback

Blending the attributes of a car and a traditional SUV better than most crossover SUVs, Subaru’s Outback is well suited for light off-roading, while offering plenty of cargo capacity for outdoorsy families. All-wheel drive and roof racks further bolster the Subaru’s credibility in this regard. Capable of seating five and accommodating up to three child safety seats, the Subaru will also expand right along with your family as the kids mature.

Toyota Prius Prime

Among its lengthy list of qualifications for family duty is the fact the Toyota Prius Prime delivers 54 miles per gallon. If you’re a budget conscious parent, that sentence is going to be particularly appealing. Prius Prime’s interior is also more than adequate for the needs of a family. Capable of seating five passengers and accommodating two child safety seats, it’s suitably spacious and will remain so even as adolescence morphs into puberty and legs get longer. Nicely equipped and eco-friendly, now you know why there always seems to be a Prius in front of you wherever you go.

Volkswagen Atlas

Debuting as an all-new product for Volkswagen in 2017, Atlas is a seven-passenger crossover sport utility vehicle with a decidedly Germanic attitude. This means it rides comfortably at highway speeds, exhibits significant agility and is quite maneuverable around town—despite its size. The Atlas Car-Net app allows you to keep tabs on the security of the VW when you’re away from it and help you find it in a crowded parking lot. With seating for seven, Atlas is capable of accommodating five child safety seats. The Volkswagen Atlas also boasts a six-year /72,000-mile warranty and is built in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Any of these five vehicles for large families will serve you well, regardless of the nature of your activities. They also have strong resale value should you ever need to get a refinance car loan like those offered by RoadLoans.

Even better, they all have above average safety ratings and host of standard safety features such as blind spot monitoring, lane departure warning and proximity sensors.

Picking the Right Vehicle

So, if you are shopping for a vehicle to fit the needs of your large family, start by considering the safety features first. After all, you are carrying very precious cargo!

The next step is to make sure there is enough room of kids, parents, pets, backpacks, soccer cleats and anything else you might be packing. And finally, you’ll want to make sure your chosen vehicle fits nicely into your budget.

Hopefully, these tips have put your on the right track to picking a vehicle for your family. Happy trails!

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