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Packed and Ready to Go: 4 Most Important Pieces of Fire Truck Equipment


Did you realize that firefighters respond to nearly 359,000 home fires each year? The majority of these fires are caused by things like faulty cooking equipment or electrical wiring issues.

If you are one of the brave men or women who put their life on the line to put out these fires, having the right equipment is vital. The right tools can mean the difference between a home totally burning down or being saved just in the nick of time.

The following are some of the most important pieces of equipment you need to make sure are on your fire truck before rolling out.

1. An Easy To Use Electrical Tester

One of the first things most firefighters are taught is that electricity can kill. Unless you see electrical lines arcing, it can be difficult to detect whether or not they are live. Rather than risking electrocution, you need to put an easy to use electrical tester on your fire truck.

With this tool, you will be able to assess the threat posed by electrical lines and keep others in the area safe. You need to remember that any electrical wire should always be approached like it is live. Once you have tested the line in question, you can rule it out as a possible source of danger.

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2. Every Fire Truck Should Have a Window Punch

When fires are raging and lives are at stake, having a trusty window punch can be extremely. Putting these devices behind your fire truck doors will both keep them safe and make them accessible to other firefighters.

In most cases, these punches are used to break out the window of a car that is on fire. Instead of using a tire iron and making a mess, you can control the amount of force used to break the glass with this punch. This is especially helpful if there are still people trapped inside of the vehicle. With a window punch, you can reduce the chance that the broken glass will get on the individual in the car.

3. Keep Plenty of Door Wedges on Hand

In some situations, keeping a door open can mean the difference between life or death. Often times, firefighters will leave home doors open to ventilate following a fire. The best way to ensure these doors stay open is by using wooden or rubber wedges.

If the building in question is extremely hot, then using a wooden wedge is probably a good idea. Generally, the molded rubber wedges will melt in these extreme temperatures.

4. Rechargeable Flash Lights are a Must

In most cases, firefighters will have to do most of their work in the dark. If a home has just burned down, all of the lights and electrical wiring will be destroyed. Instead of going into a home blindly, having a bright rechargeable flashlight is a must.

When trying to find a flashlight to put on your truck, be sure to consider how durable it is. Skimping on the quality of this flashlight to save money will generally lead to big problems. Investing in a durable and well-made flashlight will make searching homes and commercial structures much easier.

By putting high-quality tools on your fire truck, you can do your job with ease. Constantly inspecting and changing out damaged tools will help you avoid problems when it comes to dealing with fires.