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With An Aging Population: What Are Our Options For Care


The US has a growing elderly population with no slowing in sight. The thought then becomes how are we as a country going to take care of this population. In the past there were only a few options, either have a family member live with their children or a nursing home of some type. Now there are plenty of options that are much more favorable than those of the past. The following are some of those options that we have to take care of those in our family that might be having trouble taking can of themselves appropriately.

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Assessing The Situation Honestly Instead of Optimistically

The aging person in our family should be assessed honestly and fairly. It is not appropriate to try to get a person or couple help if they truly do not need it. There are people in their 80’s that are more than self-sufficient while others at 70 years old can need an immense amount of help. A family member could stay with the person or people to see what they struggle with on a daily basis. This will be far more illuminating than just observing a person on a holiday or family get together.

Programs Like CDPAP

CDPAP is a program in New York that stands for Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program. What is special about this program is that a person that qualifies can choose a family member to care for them. The person does need Medicaid and the need for home care though along with being the director of their own well-being. This does not have to be difficult to enroll in though as the CDPAP Department of Edison HHC can help with the paperwork and also allow you to see if a loved one qualifies for the program.

50 Plus Communities

50 plus communities have grown in popularity as they can be quite tranquil while allowing those over 50 to interact with each other. These communities often times have quite a social aspect as it is important to have social interaction as we age. These places do not come with nurses that check up on you and you can have your own home. The last things that you have to worry about are teenagers blasting music or noisy neighbors having parties until all hours of the night. For those looking for a tranquil community to be a part of, this could be a great option.

Assisted Living Facilities

Assisted living facilities are not nursing homes and allow a person to have independence. They serve a few meals daily and have medical staff ready to help if something is to happen. This can be a decent place to rehab an injury for an older person and they have activities for the residents. Most of the time there is an activity director whose role is to coordinate activities that all of the residents can enjoy.

We have far more options for the elderly and those that have problems caring for themselves. If you have a loved one that you feel needs some help look into the options above to  see which would be the best fit.