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10 Stunning Wedding Dresses with Pearls


I’ve always dreamt about my own wedding. I even have a very clear plan in my mind of the theme that it will have, the floral arrangements, the table arrangements, and even the music I want in the background. I’m sure I’m not the only one. Many women fantasize about their big day, and most importantly, about their wedding dresses. I’ve personally always been attracted by the boho chic style, as well as form-fitting gowns that feature delicate pearl inserts.

Pearl-studded wedding dresses are truly something to behold. They flow like soft waves and have a unique fragility to them. Below are my top 10 picks for wedding dresses with pearls:

1. Vintage Pearl-Studded Wedding Dress

Image: vintage wedding dress (Source: Pinterest)

Vintage wedding dresses have become very popular over the past few years and more and more brides are choosing vintage-inspired gowns for their big day. This is a classic pearl-studded model that comes with a beautiful wrist accessory that’s also pearl-embellished. In case you are planning your own wedding, you can also accessorize with some simple pearl earrings for a modern touch that will go hand in hand with this vintage dress.

2. Sophisticated Pearl-Studded Wedding Dress

Image: sophisticated pearl wedding dress (Source: Pinterest)

This is probably the epitome of sophisticated but it’s a wedding dress that looks fabulous. The bottom part is very simple and flows all over the body while the top part has middle-length sleeves and no cleavage is shown. The beautiful things about it are the small pearls that are all over the top, including on the sleeves, which offer this gown an even more precious look.

3. Off the Shoulder Pearl-Studded Wedding Dress

Image: off the shoulder pearl wedding dress (Source: Pinterest)

This is again a very bohemian-inspired wedding dress that leaves the shoulders completely bare and only covers the arms with two beautifully embroidered sleeves. The rest of the dress is simple yet elegant and gives off that mermaid tale impression. The entire gown is covered in small natural pearls which is why no other accessories are needed for it. This dress itself is a real jewel.

4. Carefree Pearl-Studded Wedding Dress

Image: carefree pearl wedding dress (Source: Pinterest)

Not all women like a very stiff and complex dress for their wedding day. There are some who prefer a much simpler design in which they can feel free of any care in the world. This dress is a perfect example of simple yet sophisticated, thanks to the countless pearls that are spread all over it. With only two thin straps at the top and a long, flowy bottom part, this gown is the obvious choice for those who don’t want corsets or harsh fabrics for their big day.

5. Glam Pearl-Studded Wedding Dress

Image: glam pearl wedding dress (Source: Pinterest)

Recently, everyone has begun adoring pearl-studded bridal gowns in all of their shapes and sizes. This is yet another example of a beautiful yet very simple such dress that is embellished with lots of tiny white pearls. The top part is very simple leaving all the attention to fall on the middle flower embroidery and on the pearls. The veil has lots of pearls too, completing the look perfectly.

6. Sheer Pearl-Studded Wedding Dress

Image: sheer pearl wedding dress (Source: Pinterest)

For those who feel brave enough, this type of sheer wedding gown is the best choice. Add some pearls into the mix and you get a truly one of a kind dress. It is completely covered in a sheer material that is embellished with small pearls, leaving a glimpse of the legs to be seen. Put on a nice bracelet and you’re ready for the wedding.

7. Simple Pearl-Studded Wedding Dress

Image: simple pearl wedding dress (Source: Pinterest)

One of the simplest yet very delicate wedding dresses that a future bride can possibly choose, this pearl-studded bridal gown certainly has a very discreet but gorgeous design. Pearls cover this otherwise basic white dress entirely giving it a whole new purpose and appearance. This is a very safe choice for a bride who loves pearls but is not very flamboyant.

8. Rustic Pearl-Studded Wedding Dress

Image: rustic pearl wedding dress (Source: Pinterest)

A perfect dress for someone who wants to feel closer to nature while still wearing an elegant and stunning wedding gown. Apart from being embellished with tiny pearls all over the top area, the bridal gown also has an ivory-colored ribbon that’s tied around the waist. This particular bride doesn’t even wear heels, so it’s perfectly fine to follow her example if you want to feel as comfortable as possible.

9. Delicate Pearl-Studded Wedding Dress

Image: delicate pearl wedding dress (Source: Pinterest)

The entire atmosphere that surrounds this wedding gown is created by that stunning white veil that almost covers the bride’s head. The top part of the dress is covered in a pearl embroidery as the lower part is very simple but very beautiful. A pair of delicate earrings are all you need should you choose to wear such a dress for your big day.

10. Princess-Like Pearl-Studded Wedding Dress

Image: princess pearl wedding dress (Source: Pinterest)

Finally, this is probably one of the wedding dresses that is the closest in resemblance to a real princess gown. Many future brides (not me, though :P) love these puffy designs because, while it looks gorgeous, it’s also comfortable to walk in. This pale pink bridal gown is completely studded with pearls over its entire surface, making it a bit heavier than usual. Still, it’s truly a fairytale dress, one that any bride would love to wear.