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Outclassing the Competition: 4 Strategies to Beat the Competition as a Roofing Contractor


Like anyone other kind of skilled worker, roofers encounter competition in their hometowns. And like most other business owners, roofers have to be good at sales. How can you outsell the competition and take your roofing business to great heights? It’s a lot easier when you take these four strategies to heart.

  1. Create relationships with other small business owners.

From material suppliers to contractors, networking is very important to a roofer. After all, it’s much easier to navigate the business landscape when you have allies to point you in the right direction. From where to advertise locally to employee recommendations, staying plugged into the scene can get you far.

Most of all, you want them to recommend you to their customers. If your buddy in HVAC is with a homeowner who needs a leak in their roof fixed, you want them to pass your number along, and vice versa.

  1. Make customer service a priority.

The quality of the work you do is most important. However, you may not even get to this step if you don’t put enough emphasis on customer service. When a potential customer calls, they want someone to answer the phone, be personable, and be able to answer their questions.

If you don’t have customer service covered, know that another roofer will. Customers are going to choose the roofing company that makes them feel like they’re making a good decision, and being highly responsive and knowledgeable is the way to accomplish that.

  1. Stay legal.

One of the best things you can advertise is how solid and compliant your business is. Shady contractors are unfortunately everywhere, and letting customers know right out of the gate that you’re good to go on any required permits and licenses is a solid start.

While you’re at it, flaunt your insurance. Everyone knows that roofing is a dangerous job, and roofers that are covered inspire more confidence. Checking out roofing insurance at Next-insurance.com is a quick, easy way to get started.

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  1. Identify what stands out about your business.

Good contacts, customer service, and compliance are all fantastic qualities. Still, there may be a competitor who hits those marks as well. Your final strategy is to define what it is about your company that shows you’re a cut above.

This can be something as simple as what materials you use. Are you using innovative new shingles that can save customers money on their energy bills? Put that front and center. Are you using nontoxic insulation? That’s attractive to many homeowners. If you can’t figure it out, share photos of your best work. Provide proof that not only are you customer-focused, but people are already hiring you because of your quality work.

There are all kinds of marketing tricks to try, from free estimates and discounts, to a great website. But you can separate yourself from the competition easily when you connect with other contractors, sharpen your customer service skills, and proudly display your credentials. From there, you’re free to get down to business and do the great work that will skyrocket your reputation.