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Lammily: Normal doll with acne, stretch marks and cellulite


Designer Nickolay Lamm created Lammily, a new “realistic” doll for children, released as an add-on pack complete with acne, cellulite and stretch marks.

Lammily’s body is based on the average measurements of a 19-year-old woman in the US.

Lammily, who stands at 10.72 inches tall and wears relatively toned-down outfits and makeup compared with her Mattel counterpart, including a range of snug winter coats, denim shorts and an ombre shirt.

Unlike Barbie doll, whose constantly pointed legs would force her to walk on all fours if she were real, Lammily has articulated joints – reading to walk, run and play. Promotional shots of the doll on the official website even show her poised in a tricky plank yoga position.

From January, for $6 children can customize their dolls with marks commonly found on bodies of all shapes and sizes, including freckles, stretch marks, acne, moles, cellulite, and blushing cheeks for when Lammily is “embarrassed, shy, or anxious”.

Children can also adorn Lammily according to the success of her latest adventure, with stitches, scrapes and scratches, bruises, scars, mosquito bites, grass, dirt stains and even a cast featured in the pack. Temporary tattoos and stylish blue, thick-rimmed glasses are also included.

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