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5 Signs it is Time for Divorce


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There isn’t a one-size-fits all sign that indicates it is time to part ways with your spouse, but a combination of signs and factors instead. When you took your marriage vows, you promised to love until death do you part. Sadly, many couples find it impossible to overcome obstacles in their relationship and break those vows. It is better to end an unhappy, irreconcilable marriage now than it is to prolong the inevitable.  If you’re reading this, divorce is likely something that’s already crossed your mind a time or two before. Pay attention to these five signs that indicate it is time to move forward in life,perhaps without the person you thought would be there forever.

You’re in it for the Kids

Staying together for the sake of the children may seem like the right thing to do but more often than not, it is actually the worst thing that you can do. Kids sense the energy and tension in a broken marriage, despite the belief of their parents. Plus, staying together for the kids causes you to miss out on life and many great experiences.

There is Abuse

Abuse comes in many forms. It is unacceptable in any form.  Verbal abuse, financial abuse, and sexual abuse are often times just as disheartening as physical abuse for those enduring the pain. Remember, abuse is more than a punch. Immediately leave an unsafe situation and speak to an attorney concerning divorce immediately.

You’ve Grown Apart

When you simply do not mingle with your spouse on the same level as you once did, perhaps you should part ways. Don’t allow the small stuff to send you running away from the marriage, however, pay attention to indications that you are no longer one, as you should be during a marriage. Are your values and goals different? Are your hopes, dreams, and views on raising a family or marriage different now? This may be reason enough to get a divorce.

You Want to Be Alone

When your spouse’s touches no longer have any significance or when you daydream of coming home to a spouseless property, it is likely ideal to part ways. It is not fair for either person to endure the hardships of a relationship that is done and over, but you just haven’t let go of yet.  If you want to be alone, that’s your prerogative and you should make the steps to achieve that status.

Nothing has Worked

If you’ve tried counseling, therapy, hoping, praying, and even some tears but you still cannot seem to work things out, you should not wait any longer to reach out to a lawyer to discuss divorce. Sometimes love just isn’t enough to make a relationship work. You cannot force what just  isn’t there.

Call a Divorce Attorney

Divorce is never easy, but rest assured an attorney will minimize the stress of the ordeal so it is easier to close the matter and get on with life. If the signs say that it’s time to split, its probably a good idea to take the next steps to