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Four Natural Treatments for Depression


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Treating mental health issues isn’t easy. However, it doesn’t need to be as difficult as you might imagine. There are many alternative therapies that can improve depression. Learn about the four top natural treatments for depression.

  1. Eating serotonin-rich foods

Most of the doctor-prescribed medications for depression have serious side effects. If you’re not willing to deal with those side effects, then you should consider an alternative to pharmaceuticals. Eating serotonin-rich foods is one worthy alternative.

Anti-depressants often work by increasing your serotonin levels. When this occurs, you can combat depression and improve your mood. But anti-depressions aren’t the only things that can increase serotonin. Eating certain foods can have the same effect.

Certain serotonin-rich foods can boost your serotonin levels. This includes foods that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, like wild salmon, herring, mackerel, and other fish. However, fish isn’t the only serotonin-rich food. Foods like free-range turkey and coconut oil have plenty of serotonin.

  1. Equine Therapy

Have you ever felt the rush of horseback riding? Many people enjoy horseback riding, but few realize the mental health benefits that it provides. Equine therapy is horseback riding for your mental health. It’s especially effective with depression.

During equine therapy, you get out in the sun. You also keep your body in motion and stay active. As a result, you combat the symptoms of depression. You also learn how to build trust and deal with your emotions. Horses are very intuitive animals. When you work with a horse, he can help you identify hidden aggression. He can get you more in touch with your feelings, which can help you cope with your depression.

If you’ve never been on a horse, you shouldn’t have any concerns. Horseback riding is both safe and fun. When you wear the right helmet and accessories, the activity is quite safe.

  1. Balance Your Hormones

Often, issues like depression can be affected by hormone levels. By balancing your hormones, you can keep your depression in-check. For a natural treatment of depression, check your hormone levels and then work towards balancing them. Thyroid levels, adrenal levels, and sex hormones can get off-balance and can make you moody.

You can go to a doctor to get your hormone levels tested. When you get the results, you can take the steps towards balancing your hormones. There are usually natural methods of balancing them. Doing so might not completely resolve your depression, but it could help.

  1. Talk to Someone

If you don’t want to treat depression with medication, then you could try talking it out. Sometimes, all it takes is speaking with a therapist to make a difference. They can help you come up with a plan for fighting off depression and improving your mental health.

If you’re intimidated by the idea of speaking to a therapist, then you could try speaking to a friend. Just discussing your emotions can help you cope with depression. Pull aside a friend or family member and have a heartfelt conversation. The effects of talk therapy can be enough to combat symptoms of depression.

Alternative treatments to depression can make all the difference. Rather than getting hooked on pharmaceuticals, try a natural alternative and change your life.