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Necessary or Pointless? 5 Car Parts You May or May Not Need


Today you have many options for customizing your vehicle. Some accessories are a good investment and enhance the comfort and performance of your vehicle, while others are simply unnecessary. Consider whether you actually need the following car parts, based on your use of your jeep or truck:


Rims are a necessary part of any wheel, as the rim is where the inside of the tire is mounted. Many drivers choose rims to make an aesthetic statement, however, rims also play an important role in the way your truck drives. Tire and rim packages are designed to enhance the handling of a vehicle by manipulating friction.



Shocks dampen the bounce of the springs absorbing bumps on the road.A car without a shock absorbing system would be wildly out of control. Not every driver needs the upgrade of off road truck shocks, but if you drive on trails your ride will be safer and more enjoyable if your shock package is suitable to the terrain.


Not every car on the road needs a winch. Off-road enthusiasts push the boundaries of terrain a vehicle can handle by relying on a truck winch when they get stuck. For everyday drivers, it is an unnecessary accessory.

Lift Kit

Many truck owners enjoy the look and feel of a lifted truck for everyday driving. While such a vehicle has an impressive profile on the road, a lifted truck is generally unnecessary for driving around town. However, it is very important for an off-roading truck, Jeep, or UTV to have the necessary ground clearance to safely navigate terrain. Serious off-road drivers need a lift kit.

Automated Interior Features   

Automatic seat belts, self-opening doors and mechanical rear view mirrors all fall into the category of unnecessary. In some cases, manual is just better.

When shopping for car parts, consider your specific needs. Whether or not an accessory upgrade is necessary depends on you and your driving habits.

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