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Why Go Down Under During the Winter Season


There’s no denying that Australia’s weather is whacked, thanks to its vast land area. One area region can bescorching hot while the other can be refreshingly cold. That’s where this country’s beauty resides too. The Land Down Under just has that pull on everyone.

Here’s a couple of reasons why you should visit the Australia during winter.

Bearable winter wonderland. As said above, the cold here is refreshingly cold – not hell cold. For the most part, Australia is a warm place, even during the coldest times only bottoming out in Sydney are around 10 degrees Celsius or 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Northern areas are even warmer, where it mostly gets less humid and rain becomes scarcer. Manly Beach starts pulling in swimmers and surfers, catching waves throughout the chilly day.

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Awesome festivals.The greatest festival here is VIVID Sydney, where you’ll see some of the largest party lights, rave music, and ideas in the South Hemisphere. The festival takes place in late May or early June every year. It features nightly light shows and fascinating art installations, live music, LED-installed boats cruising the harbour, conferences, plus the legendary Opera House is lighted with awesome 3D projections! The catch? None! All of these are free.

Other great festivals include Film and Winter Festivals in June and July. The August Amhem Land’s Garma Festivals provide the Aboriginal culture with its due. The ridiculous Beer Can Regatta is hosted by the Ever-interesting Darwin in early July. Katoomba also celebrates Christmas in July during the Yulefest.

Sports activities. Winter is still warm enough to try winter activities that Australia is known for, including swimming, surfing, and snorkelling the Great Barrier Reef. Australia also has fantastic winter activities for winter fans out there. Simply go to top resorts like Mt. Perisher and Buller for your dose of pure white snow and exhilaration.

Go whale watching. Southern Hemisphere whales, unlike Northern Hemisphere whales,startmigrating north for the winter, passing different many parts of Australia during the breeding season. The whale watching time of the year kicks off in May in both Tasmania and New South Wales, and in June in Queensland

Affordable winter spree.Still looking for another great reason to head to Australia during the winter? It’s good even if you’re on a shoestring budget since “off” season usually leads to better deals from June to August, add this to less crowded roads and beaches and you have a cool adventure ahead of you.

If you’re having a road trip, then Australia’s Outback centreis also fantastic to see during the winter months. Rent a camper van with your travel buddies and take a major league road trip from tropical Darwin to Uluru (Ayer’s Rock), which is the closest you can get to driving on the moon’s surface here on Earth.

Australia’s winter is awesome because of more things than we can list here, but you get the idea. Still looking for breath-taking locations and winter travel tips? You can learn more about winter adventure in Australia here.