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Three Key Points to Remember When Dealing with A Car Wreck Case


Each year, vehicle collisions seriously injure or kill millions of Americans. These individuals must deal with high medical bills and a sudden loss of income, in addition to the pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment in life, and emotional distress often associated with a serious car crash.

As soon as the other drivers call their insurance companies, a team of lawyers begins working to deny the victims compensation for the aforementioned losses. A dedicated attorney levels the playing field by serving as a strong voice for you in court. Your lawyer also gives you solid legal advice throughout the process. Here are a few ways you can help your attorney build the strongest case possible in court.

Stay Quiet

Do not debate fault or other issues with the first responder or the other driver. There is a time and place for such debate, and the accident scene is the wrong time and the wrong place. Let your attorney do the arguing for you.

Do not post items on social media or talk to the other driver’s insurance company. Many people unintentionally make damaging statements in these postings and conversation. Because of an exception to the hearsay rule, insurance company lawyers can often use these statements against you.

For the same reason, do not say “I’m sorry” even if you feel you are completely at fault. To express empathy and compassion, say something like “How can I help you?” or “I’m sorry this accident happened to you.”

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Collect Evidence

The first responder at a Cleveland car crash almost always files an accident report, talks to witnesses, and performs some other similar tasks. But first responders are at the scene to secure the area and tend to injured victims. They are not there to collect evidence for a future plaintiff in a future lawsuit.

So, the bulk of this responsibility may fall upon you. Even the most dedicated attorneys cannot be at the scene in the immediate wake of a crash. Concentrate on items like:

  • The location of nearby surveillance cameras,
  • The names of as many witnesses as possible, and
  • Photographs of physical damage.

The first few hours after the crash are critical. After that, this evidence becomes harder and harder to obtain.

See a Doctor Right Away

The adrenaline rush s so strong after an accident that many people “feel fine” even though they are seriously injured. Always go to a doctor immediately if at all possible. A doctor can properly diagnose your injuries and begin aggressive treatment as necessary. That includes injuries unique to car crashes, like whiplash. Furthermore, if you put it off, the insurance company may later dispute the nature and extent of your injuries.

An attorney can arrange for victims to receive qualified medical care from an accident specialist. Furthermore, an attorney usually sends a letter of protection to the provider. So, the victim must pay nothing upfront.

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