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3 Reasons You’ll Want a Lawyer Backing You in an Injury Case


When accidents occur, victims usually have many questions: how do they get compensated? Should a doctor be consulted? Should a lawyer handle the case? The truth is; cases that have to do with accidents and personal injury need to be handled by attorneys. An experienced legal professional will help answer your questions and address all your concerns. Here are three reasons why a lawyer should back your case.

Denial of Liability

Insurance companies may deny a claim by stating that you were the one responsible for the accident. In most cases, these companies do so to frustrate you so you can drop your claim. However, if they realized that you are not giving up your claim, they’ll come around and offer a reasonable settlement.

If the insurance firm doesn’t change its mind regarding its denial of liability, you may seek help from an accident and injury law group. At that point, you don’t have anything to lose. If the lawyers are capable of squeezing money out of the insurance company, you’ll be in a position to get some compensation. If they work on a contingency basis and you end up not getting any compensation, then you don’t have a thing to lose since you’ll not have any attorney’s fee to pay.

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Litigation Process

In many instances involving serious injuries, a settlement from your insurance company may not be adequate to cover all your losses. As a result, you may end up filing a personal injury lawsuit. An experienced attorney can be helpful since they’ll advise if filing a lawsuit is the right step to take. Moreover, an attorney will guide you through the litigation process to ensure you get the compensation you deserve. Litigation processes are often involving since they require evidence collection to support your claims as well as your losses.

You Require Advice on a Certain Legal Rule

In some cases, the failure or success of your lawsuit will depend on a particular legal rule. For instance, the decision whether or not you are to collect insurance from a company depends on whether their employee was in the line of duty when the accident occurred. There are technical rules about what the scope and course of employment are. If you get injured on the sidewalk, the aspect of liability may revolve around questions of property law.

In one of these circumstances, you may need to consult an attorney on an hourly basis to get a feel of what your legal options may be. That way, you can then decide if it’s the right choice to file a lawsuit. If your claim seems to depend on a particular legal question, it may be a good idea to hire a lawyer to guide you through the entire process.

Having an attorney in your personal injury case is always advantageous if you’ve been injured, lost wages, and have adequate medical bills to settle. If you are facing one or all of these circumstances, it makes sense to have an expert who can give you the peace of mind you need when handling cases of personal injury. The above are perhaps the best reasons why you’ll want an attorney backing your injury case.