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42 in Every 100,000 in US Die From Unintentional Injuries Every Year


Terrifying as it may sound, significant numbers of people in the US are still dying from injuries due to unintentional accidents. This means, according to the NCHS there are 30.6 million emergency room visits each and every year, with unintentional death being the fourth most common cause of fatalities. What can be done to curtail this epidemic? Read in to find out more.


10.6 of the deaths per 100,000 people are caused by traffic accidents. Of course, we live in a society in which almost everyone requires a car to be able to get to work, get their kids to school, and do the everyday parts of life that are essential. However, it is clear that people are still not taking driving safety seriously enough.

With this in mind, actions that increase the safety of vehicle journeys for passengers, and other road user need to be prioritized. These may include providing more comprehensive drivers Ed, including defensive driving techniques and demonstrating the results of an accident at high impact as a deterrent measure. Government subsidies for vehicles with advanced safety features such as ABS and collision avoidance systems would also be a welcome development.



10.0 of the deaths per 100000 people are caused by falls from height. Sadly this is an area in which such fatalities could often be avoided if only the victim were made aware of the safety risk beforehand. That is what an essential part of tackling this particular concerns is educated people in safe practices when working at height both in the home and at work.

However, there is only so much the individual can be held accountable for accidental falls. After all, if they do don’t know there is a risk, they will go ahead with action whether its safe or not.

That is why it is also vital that employers take on their due responsibilities and step up to the mark where safer equipment and signage is concerned.

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After all, they have a moral and legal duty to preserve the life and well being of their employees while they are performing the task they ask of them. That means professionals like Derrick Law Firm can help victims and their families make a claim against them if they do not live up to these duties. Something that can prevent such tragic accidents happening again.


A shocking 13.2 out of every 100,000 deaths are caused by unintentional poisoning in the US. Sadly many of these deaths are attributed to poisoning by drug use, a problem that has doubled and tripled for men and women respectively, over the last few year.


Obviously, preventing such deaths is a complicated issue that is not just about preventative education. In fact, it needs to also involve economic and social reform, better higher education opportunities and the provision of rehabilitation and counseling for those that are already using.

In addition, the use of drugs such as Naloxone and the facility to carry them by the police and fire services also has the potential to drastically reduce this figure over the longer term. Something that makes it issues that more people should speak out on.