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Parental Control App And The First Mobile Of Children!

The children of increasingly younger ages are protagonists in the phenomenon of mobile connectivity. From two or three years old, they begin to lean out on their parents’ phones and to manage theses devices regularly, becoming familiar with their functionalities almost before being able to speak clearly, or to learn to read. This fluid handling usually makes us very funny in such small children, but we should not let them relate to these devices in an uncontrolled way. To make the use positive and the main way to prevent misuse or risk behaviors that can lead to future problems is to get involved in this technology education from the beginning. The key is as much in knowing how to orient the learning, as in not radically prohibiting it.

When to buy your kid their first mobile phone?

The children at a very younger age see mobile phone as a toy that they use to play games, to paint or color, and even watch videos of cartoons. However, as they grow, this playful use gives way to other functions. The phone becomes a device to communicate with. Therefore, the main use of the telephone is to be in contact with parents and, above all, with friends. To have a mobile phone is to belong to the group. The child sees that everyone around him has it and begins to ask for his own terminal, each time at younger ages. Thus, parents suffer emotional blackmail, coupled with some social pressure.

So, when should we buy our kids their first mobile phone? Well, there is no specific age, but you have to look at each case, at the maturity of each child, and at the specific circumstances of your lifestyle that make them need this device. And it is that at certain ages it can be relatively useful, but it is not really necessary. What we should make clear to our kids from the first moment is that the main function of the telephone is communication, and that is why it is advisable to have it.

In this sense, experts recommend that children do not have their own phone before age 12. From this age, they sharpen their need for independence and already spend more time away from us. In addition, access to a new stage in school, Secondary Education, and this is a big change for them. It is now a good time for them to begin to take on responsibilities such as those involved in having their own mobile phone.

To the parents, the device will serve us to be in continuous contact with them, to have them located, and to be able to control their exits. All this becomes possible with the use of the parental controls app such as FamilyTime parental control app that let parents view contact, call history, SMS threads, installed apps, app preferences, app usage frequency, web history and much more. In addition to supervising, parents can also take needed actions.

For example, with the app, parents can watchlist contacts, block unwanted or inappropriate apps, schedule auto screen locks and remotely lock devices, etc.  There is a lot more parents can do with this app in hand. Dp you wish to give the app a try for free? You can! Get the trial version with premium features from the Google Play store and iTunes.