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Robots and Their Impact on Human Productivity

There’s no doubt that there have been rapid developments in technology with regard to robotics. And with AI continually advancing, automation will make a stronger presence in the workforce. In fact, the International Federation of Robotics (IFR) predicts that there will be 1.4 million new industrial robots by the time 2019 rolls in. That’s only in the in field of manufacturing. Imagine how robots will affect other industries too.

Many tech companies have already delved into robotics to improve their processes. Nix Solutions have been giving updates about the world of modern robotics via social media sharing. Their experts believe that this technology, among many others, will shape the future. The field of robotics has a vast potential. But how have they impacted human productivity so far? Let’s take a look:


Increase Competitiveness

First, robots will increase the level of competitiveness of a company. This is especially true for small to medium sized businesses that cannot afford to have a lot of manpower yet. By making use of automated systems like RPAs, they can make their processes more efficient and effective.

Make Tasks Easier

There are many times when employees get stuck in certain tasks. Because of this, they waste a lot of time which can otherwise be spent doing more productive things. As productivity becomes low, revenue decreases as well. Robots can help eliminate the wasted time  by taking over repetitive tasks. When they are programmed to perform those tasks, they can do them more quickly and efficiently.

Increase The Number of Jobs

While most employees might disagree with this, it is actually quite true. Increased productivity can lead to an increase in demand. An increase in demand will also lead to an increase in job opportunities. There are a lot of tasks that can’t be done by robots anyway. Thus, there will still be a high demand for people who can work well.

Work Without Assistance

If a robot has been programmed to do a certain task, it will do it automatically. Let’s take RPAs for example. RPAs are rule-based. In other words, you set the rules for it, and they follow those rules. As long as you tell a robot what to do, it will carry out the task intelligently by making use of the information in its database. Sometime in the future, robots will eventually be able to work without much programming from humans. That way, robots can think and finish projects like humans do.


Considering all points stated above, robots have definitely created a big impact in the workforce. When it comes to finishing tasks, robots have the capacity to handle them easily. Despite popular belief, robots have already impacted the workplace positively. If you combine robotics and AI, you will be able to create a greatly productive company.

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