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Do You Know Who Makes Your E-Cigarette?


If you’re a smoker or you take an interest in health news, you’ve probably come across articles about vaping. Vaping is often branded as a safer alternative to smoking and an effective means to help people quit, but do you know where your e-cig comes from?

It’s understandable to assume that tobacco companies are competing against firms that produce e-cigarettes, but what if those tobacco giants were actually responsible for making your electronic cigarette? With a growing number of brands available, it’s interesting to have a closer look at who’s who in the vaping world. Online research suggests that the vast majority of vaping brands (80 percent) are owned by independent companies. However, you may be surprised to hear that some of the leading brands actually belong to tobacco companies, many of which are members of the Big Tobacco family. As the infographic confirms, nine brands were found to belong to tobacco businesses with five linked to tobacco-free firms. Some of the most high-profile brands on sale are associated with companies like British American Tobacco, Japan Tobacco International, Imperial Brands plc and Philip Morris International. Notably, these companies own Nicocigs, Blu, 10 Motives, V2 and Vype. If you turn your back on cigarettes, you may think that you’re not lining the pockets of industry monopolists any longer, but this infographic would suggest otherwise. It seems that many of the dominant forces have already bitten into the vaping market and are profiting from smokers, as well as those who are trying to give up.

Infographic design by Who Owns All The Vaping Brands