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Simpsons co-creator Sam Simon dies of colon cancer at 59


The Simpsons co-creator Sam Simon has died of colon cancer at the age of 59, his agent announced on March 9.

Sam Simon won seven Emmy awards for his work as a writer, director and executive producer for the longest-running sitcom on American television.

The Simpsons, which chronicles the life of a clumsy father and his dysfunctional family, first aired in 1989.

Sam Simon led the show’s writing staff and is credited with developing the characters that feature in the show.Simpsons co-creator Sam Simon dies of colon cancer at 59

He left The Simpsons after four seasons, but continued to receive between $20 million to $30 million each year after striking a deal that gave him a part of the show’s future earnings.

After his diagnosis, Sam Simon said he wanted to donate all of his fortune to charity.

Sam Simon gave much of his money to social causes, especially those working on animal welfare issues.

In 2002, he founded the non-profit Sam Simon Foundation which is devoted to rescuing dogs from shelters and training them to assist the disabled.

Sam Simon also worked as a writer for a number of hit sitcoms including Taxi and Cheers.

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