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5 Amazing Organizations That are Working Hard to Help Those With Disabilities


Whether you’re looking for some ideas which organization to make a donation to or simply want to broaden your horizons, there are plenty of suitable candidates to choose from. Today, we’re going to familiarize you with 5 amazing organizations dedicated to helping those who are unfortunate enough for having to deal with disabilities, starting with:

  1. Special Olympics

Special Olympics is quite well known for connecting individuals with intellectual disabilities through sports. By participating in these activities, they get to discover how strong they really are, basking in joy, confidence, and fulfillment. The workings of this organization inspire others to open their hearts to the human potential and unique talents of every individual out there. Apart from sports activities, they also focus their resources on promoting research and leading a healthy lifestyle.

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  1. Friendship Circle International

This Jewish organization focuses on helping children with special needs. Covering over 80 different locations on a global scale, it’s one of the fastest growing organizations of today. Their approach brings together teenage volunteers and couples them with children with special needs so they can have fun and engage in various playful games and activities. By taking part, the volunteers learn of the power of friendship and giving.

  1. CBM Canada

CBM Canada helps children with disabilities who also live in poverty, providing medical help, small loans, and coaching. By supporting CBM Canada, you’re showing your care for the children who have to live with a disability. If you make the decision to sponsor a child, your resources will go towards covering the costs of surgery and rehabilitation, drastically improving the quality of life for the recipient of your donation.

  1. Special Needs Alliance

If you need some help getting in touch with the best disability lawyers, Special Needs Alliance is the organization to turn to. They’re covering medical care, tax planning, SSI, personal injury claims, guardianships, etc. This particular organization is quite different in the sense that it’s invite-only, meaning that only those attorneys who are invited can join. However, this ensures that only the most qualified attorneys are given the chance to fight for those who need a talented lawyer to stand up for them, which is likely to be correlated with its global success.

  1. Easter Seals

Special teams of educators and therapists come together to help the children with special needs who need some guidance when it comes to overcoming the obstacles imposed by their condition. The goal of this organization is to help these individuals reach their personal goals, with the ultimate milestone being achieving personal independence. They also offer resources for autism, war veterans, brain health, children, adults, and seniors.


With the help of each and every organization such as the ones we’ve mentioned, the world around us is becoming a brighter place, especially for those who were born with a disability. By recognizing this, you’ll be much more inclined to donate some of your money to these organizations, showing that you are not indifferent to the suffering of others and that you want to do your best to help those less fortunate than yourself.