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All Credit Repair Agencies Aren’t Created Equal


Recognizing the real difference between price and worth is very important because looking for the help of any company in the credit improvement market is more often than not a clear case of, “You get what you pay for.” The following lines make clear the 4 types of credit repair companies that make up the market and what to expect from each.

Credit Repair Agency Type 1

The very first type of credit repair agency is usually a one-person show run out of a home office. Generally, this type of firm promotes significantly lower rates for their solution and will typically have incredible service promises to finish it off. It’s not unusual for this type of credit repair firm to be a complete rip-off and grab the customers’ money without offering any support whatsoever. Furthermore, if you’re coping with acompany that falls into this type, you’re blessed if the only thing you suffer a loss of is your cash and not your identification in the process. In this point in time, id theft is taking place on really dangerous levels.

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Credit Repair Agency Type 2

The 2nd type of credit repair agency generally seems to be legitimate. They’ll have an actual office but similar to credit repair agency type 1; they merely use the same standard challenge correspondence. While usually not intending to operate against the law, conformity issues are usually ignored. The largest distinction between credit repair agency type one and Two is that the second generally utilizes a relatively inexpensive software application which allows it to make volume and handle customers on a much larger scale.

Credit Repair Agency Type 3

Not only is the 3rd type of credit repair agency usually certified with the laws and regulations governing credit repair companies, but it’s also amply trained in the U.S. Code used to challenge unfavorable credit things on the customers’ credit report. Making use of more than just regular correspondence, for instance, table meetings, such type of company can be a lot more useful than the first two above. As this type of credit repair agency has such a great knowledge of the U.S. Code associated with consumer credit, it’s well-known that this type of firm offers custom credit fix efforts to its customers, and that’s a good sign when it comes to finding the right type.

Credit Repair Agency Type 4

The 4th type of credit agency is very much like the 3rd type in that it’s usually certified with federal legislation, quite well experienced in the U.S. Code necessary to work in the credit restoration market and frequently also offers to perform customized claim efforts for its customers. The most significant contrast between credit score restoration company type three and four is that credit repair agency type four has legal professionals in staff members or is contracted with a law company. Credit repair professional type four will also set you back more than the other 3 agency types but will more often than not be more effective.