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Must-Visit Places of New York, Sorted by Atmosphere


First-time visitors start planning their trip to “The Big Apple” from a kind of confusion, the feeling perfectly described by PJ Harvey and Thom Yorke as “this mess we’re in”. The city is huge, full of all kinds of things from tempting to scary. Where to even start when you are here for the first time?

It’s no use sorting the locations by rating or distance. Let’s start from something simpler, like basic emotions and conditions. In this short guide, the most popular tourist spots of the city are sorted by the mood they evoke.

1. Relaxing places

Just arrived from another city nearby? Recovering from a terrible jetlag caused by one of those Kiev New York cheap flights; then, opt for something like the High Line or Central Park. Located 8 ft below the surface of the city, this is a perfect place to take long quiet walks amid beautifully designed gardens. No noise, no fees at all. Another good choice is a running path by the ocean, like the one on the West Side Highway.

2.  Extrovert’s heaven

Start missing people? Hurry up to the Times Square, crowded as ever. The place is your best shot for experiencing the mix of shiny billboards, sounds, and conversations. You will find many places to sit, stop with children, even watch broadcasted TV programmes. Also, take a subway ride, even if you didn’t plan it. No jokes, traveling underground is initial part of the so-called “real NY” tours. If you’re fond of nightlife and dancing, try Output, C’mon Everybody and the like.

3. Places to know more

Don’t miss such destinations of intellectuals as Guggenheim museum, MoMA, and The Metropolitan Museaum of Art. All these locations need quite a lot of attention and energy; this is a plan for no less than a day or two. If you’re interested in history, pay a visit to the September, 11 Memorial or the museum of the NYC history.

4. Weird places

Everybody loves feeling entertained, but how about feeling funny or weird? Here is just a couple of the places to go with this twist of mood. The first is Dream House, a neon-walled media installation that responds to every move you make with sound and visuals. The second is Obscura Store in East Village, full of skeletons and medical instruments, often creepy and old-fashioned.

5. Landmarks

By speaking about not-to-miss places, most people mean iconic objects which you have seen a hundred times, but only online. It’s time to explore how they feel (and, let’s just admit it, take selfies). Take a tour to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty, enjoy the view from Empire State Building, cross the Brooklyn Bridge, enjoy the brightness of Coney Island — opportunities are endless.




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