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Creating a Dream Deck in Your Backyard


The weather is warming up and we’re heading outdoors to soak in the sunshine. With spring in full force in many areas across the country, homeowners are looking for ways to entertain outside and take advantage of nature’s majesty. If you’ve always imagined having a luxury outdoor living space and feel the green monster of jealousy rear its head every time you see a home with a massive deck, it’s time to consider adding this gorgeous feature to your home. Make the most out of your yard and create a functional, comfortable hangout space for friends and family by following these tips for creating your dream deck.

Add a Water Feature

No yard is complete without a lush water feature. Why not include the relaxing sounds of bubbling waters and the soothing appeal of running streams on your deck? Whether you install a demure fountain or find a wall-installed waterfall, guests are sure to ooh and ahh over your design scheme. Add a small pond next to your deck or incorporate a water basin with a constantly refreshing flow of water. A high-quality water features adds an air of refinement regardless of your yard’s style or motif, and is an easy way to implement upscale appeal.


The Right Lighting

If all goes according to plan, you’ll be wanting to use your deck late into the evening. Instead of sitting around with guests in the dark and dealing with the fire hazard of candles, install some smart lighting systems that are both energy-efficient and sure to complement the evening’s atmosphere. From string lights to exterior wall sconces, you’ve got plenty of options to choose from.

Add a Fire Pit

Want to inspire late night chats and keep the party going outdoors even in the cooler autumn months? Install a fire pit on your deck and make for a fantastic focal point that provides landscaping interest and functional heat. Check out the modern fire pits from StartFireDirect.com; with a bevy of styles, you’re sure to find an option that suits your deck design.


Transition Your Landscaping Features

Don’t think of your new deck as disjointed from your yard’s vegetation. Extend landscaping features from yard to deck in a few simple ways. Plant vegetation and flowers in pots that you can place on the deck, install a lush plant wall complete with unique succulents on the exterior wall of your home, or leave an area open in the center of your deck for a tree or bush to grow from. The more you can blend your landscaping from yard to deck, the better. As you landscape, be sure to consider the ways you can conserve water and energy. Consider drought tolerant landscaping if you live in an area that’s low on water, and take a look at the natural turf options that are more realistic looking than ever. Check out www.renovateamerica.com. This company offers energy efficient and water saving landscaping upgrades through the HERO Program, allowing homeowners to finance important home improvements without breaking the bank.

Provide Some Overhead Shade

Spending hours outdoors sounds wonderful, but baking in the sun for that amount of time can prove to be a little too hot—and result in aching sunburns. If you’re looking for something a little more aesthetically pleasing than an old fashioned patio umbrella, consider building a pergola. Simply train climbing plants to stretch their way up these structures, and within a year’s time you’ll have lush shade and gorgeous vegetation in one nice package. If you’re considering a modern outdoor kitchen you will need shade but be careful to give the structure some vertical space for the heat coming off the grill and to protect food from the direct sunlight.

Consider an Outdoor Kitchen

Looking to transfer much of your indoor living into the great outdoors? Consider investing in a high-tech outdoor kitchen setup. Homeowners are increasingly interested in the idea of a staycation, and what better way to relax at home than basking in the sunshine while eating a fresh meal made with all the comforts of a chef’s kitchen on your deck? Wining and dining outside has never been simpler. We’ve long moved past the simple barbecue sets that were once a staple of nearly every American’s backyard. Instead, homeowners are installing kitchen counters outdoors complete with refrigerators, sinks, and barbecue features to drool over. If you’re the quintessential entertainer and love cooking up new concoctions, consider how you can turn your deck into a chef’s dream. Creating your dream deck is possible if you follow these tips and incorporate fantastic features. Make an investment in your property’s value and your family’s happiness with these stylish backyard additions.