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Health, People And Work: The Key To Making Life Better


When you think of a better life, you may be imagining yourself in the jacuzzi of a millionaire’s villa with a glass of champagne in hand. While this may sound lovely – nobody denies it – the definition of a better life is a little more complex than that, see here http://www.oecdbetterlifeindex.org/blog/the-meaning-of-better-lives.htm. Happiness and well-being are essential elements, just as much as education, income and the access to vital factors such as clean water and air. But if you were to boil a better life to its core meaning, it is a life that provides you with everything that matters:  A healthy sense of purpose, a quality of health and support, the ability to reach for better in terms of income and responsibilities, and the power to share your wisdom with the next generations.

Robin Sharma

Stay Healthy At Work

While it is understood that you need to work to guarantee a regular income, it is essential that your professional activity doesn’t damage your health. Indeed, your sense of purpose that comes from fulfilling tasks at work would be damaged, and so would be your health and your regular income too. In short, staying healthy at work is key to your happiness. All you need is to follow simple and straightforward tips, such as washing your hands to avoid any germ contamination, drinking plenty of water, and getting up regularly for a brief walk. This not only keeps your body healthy but your mind too.

Make People’s Life Easier

Sometimes, your work is about improving the quality of someone else’s life, especially helping them to gain access to essential services that could help them. A career in this kind of work environments helps you to visibly make people’s lives better day after day. Whether you choose to be a Samaritan in a public mental health center or a carer, it’s something that, with the right education – such as www.ultimatemedical.edu/program/health-and-human-services – can make a real difference in the community. Improving someone’s life is not only a great skill, but it is also the chance to give someone a fresh start anew. It’s telling them that they have a chance, and that is exactly what happiness is made of.

Care for others

Help People To Improve Their Skills

Having a chance in life starts at a young age, at school already. If you have children, your role as a parent goes beyond driving them to school every morning. You need to help them to learn the skills they need to decide of their future. The first lesson is that failing is part of the journey. Failing, even at a test, is not important, assuming that you show them that they can learn from it and improve their score. Developing a learning attitude can improve a child’s performance, and give them better options to build a happy life in future.

Teach Tolerance To Your Children

Finally, tolerance is an important lesson to make life better. At the core of happiness and of everything that matters in life, leaving no room for discrimination – whether racial, sexual, or other – maintains your happy status. It is not about parenting skills, but about helping people of all age to improve and look at life in its full beauty.

A lesson of tolerance