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Three Stellar Ways To Boost Happiness in the Workplace


Think about where you work and who you work with; are you happy there? One of the biggest things that can affect our happiness in life is where we work and who we work with. If we are working full-time, then the chances are that you’ll see the people that you work with even more than you might see your family. So it is important to be happy in the workplace. When you enjoy going to work and doing your job, it won’t feel like work after all. If you dread going to work, then you’re not going to put much effort into it. So the bottom line is that happier employees mean more productive employees. And when they’re more productive, it means more profit. So as an employer, it is your job to be aware of this and your employee’s needs. So here are some things to consider, to ensure a happy work environment for all of your team.



Provide Clarity

Many people, especially in the workplace, like be told as it is. They want to know what they need to do and when. If you have asked them to perform a certain task, then reconfirming it with them, and allowing them to ask questions to show they’ve understood, should be welcomed. One way to provide clarity for your team could be to use and display and organizational chart. One of the ways to use organizational charts is to provide clarity for your team. You can let them know the structure of things and let them know what is expected of them in their role or with a certain task. As it is a visual aid, it can be useful too. There is no confusion, and a lot of people learn better by seeing something, rather than reading something.

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Allow Creativity

Creativity is strongly connected to happiness. So it would make sense that in the workplace you would allow some creativity to help the happiness levels of your team. There are various ways of doing it, that you might not have thought of before. Keeping meetings to a minimum length of time is a good way to allow your team to be more creative. Allow them to make suggestions, rather than just telling them that this is your idea so that it what you’ll do. Encourage them to get involved with decision making. Again, if they are just told what to do, then it doesn’t even require them to think much about it. So there is no creativity when they are just told something. So allow them to flourish by sharing thoughts and ideas.

Be Supportive and Flexible

It is important to remember that your team are not just robots; they are thinking and feeling, and yes, even have a life outside of the workplace. So if they need a little bit of flexibility, then it can help massively. Offer a day to work at home, for instance, or time off when they have a child’s concert to attend. They will be more likely to be open and honest about things with you when you are flexible and open with them too.