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Which Sports Are You Made For?



Staying healthy is always a balance. First, there is the diet, and then there is the exercise. Anyone that hopes to achieve their goals needs to eat well and work out regularly. It sounds easy on paper, but it’s far from easy in practice as leaving the house to go to the gym is a constant battle. Not only is it tiring, but it’s also not very fun. And, these are the reasons that people are turning to sports for all of their exercise needs. However, choosing one and sticking with it to the bitter death isn’t an excellent idea. To get the most out of sports, it’s essential to pick the ones which suit the individual the best.

Below are the tips which will help any sports enthusiast choose wisely.

Intensity – Higher Or Lower?

There is no need to run through the pain barrier every time you exercise. The myth that you need to work out at maximum intensity at all times is nonsense. Working out is like a diet – it needs balance. On the whole, less intense sports are just as useful as sports like squash if you don’t fancy bouncing off the walls for half an hour. Walking, for instance, is a great way to lose weight as long as the duration lasts over forty minutes. Golf is also another excellent way to exercise aerobically and use different muscle groups. Don’t feel like you have to look for running shoes because a browse of the best fairway woods for 2017 will suffice. It all depends on what you prefer.



Pain Barrier

No one likes to feel pain, which is why most people avoid certain sports. Weightlifting is a sport that induces pain even when done properly. However, sports like cycling are also pretty agonizing under certain circumstances. It is all down to the pain barrier, and the barrier differs per person. Some people feel no pain at all, which means they can work out more often and at a higher intensity. Others feel pain quickly, and that will affect their regime. Always pick a sport that incorporates a mix of participation and competitiveness. You want to feel the burn, but you don’t want the burn to be excruciating. After all, the average person should work out more than once a week.

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Let’s talk about competitiveness because it’s the elephant in the room. Everyone enjoys competition to one extent or another. Some thrive off it and need to feel it in the pit of their stomach while they exercise. Others like to compete, but prefer to get into the sport before they show their hand. The reason this feature is important is that particular environments promote a contest. Lacrosse is a perfect example. You may have all the warrior lacrosse gear you need and be ready to play, but since it’s a team sport, there aren’t many ways to play the game without competing against another team. Boxing, however, is different as you can work in the gym alone.

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Body Awareness

The one thing that prevents participation more than most is body awareness. It tends to affect women more than men, but boys feel the pressure too. On the whole, you won’t want to take part in a sport if you have body issues. Most people are scared about how they will look and how others will judge them on their appearance. It’s a valid fear and one that everyone needs to take into account. The reality is that some sports don’t care about your feelings, whereas others cater to your needs. There is a new fad called dancing in the dark which epitomizes this point. Participants do circuit drills for fitness purposes, but they do it in a darkly lit room. Sports that are frequented by similar people are also a safe choice. Yoga is a good one for women because lots of women take part. As such, they know there will be no men to put them off.


Are you focussed, or do you lose concentration after a short while? Far too many people don’t take their attention span into account, and it’s to their detriment. From your point of view, it’s a crucial factor. As soon as you lose focus, you will stop working out. It’s that simple. So, if you’re taking part in a sport which lasts for too long, the enjoyment will soon dissipate. Ninety-minute games of soccer aren’t for people that can’t concentrate on the whole match. Instead, try table tennis or badminton as the points are short and sweet.


Take all of the above into account and you’ll find your ultimate sport.