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Survey Reveals 65% People Prefer the Digital Detoxing

In the modern era where everything is internet-inspired, it is hard to believe that more than half of the population prefers taking a time out from the internet. Much shocking were the results of a recent survey based on a Digital Detox theme, commissioned by an online cartridge company, Cartridge Save. The study reveals, where 88% people use internet streaming and 99% of grown-ups (ages between 16-24 years) have just started using internet, 65% have confessed that they want to stay logged out.

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The company inquired 1,026 British people that what offline activities they had relished most. 49% of the participants said they enjoyed baking the most, while 40% revealed gardening was their all-time favourite hobby (for people 55 and above, the percentage rose to 60%). Other past-time activities included sewing, handcrafting and reusing old furniture creatively.

An interesting hobby brought up by 10% of the respondents was journaling. They preferred using the conventional pen and paper idea to jot down their writing instead of typing it down via a digital device. This activity replicates the latest trend of bullet journaling a.k.a #BuJo that keeps a track of your events and chores using a diary or a notebook instead of apps on your phone or your computer. Although these things can be noted down in a digital device, bullet journaling is a marriage of mindfulness and productivity that can carefully organise your routine tasks, diary, planner, calendar, sketches, progress pages, movies you’ve watched, books you’ve read, finances, fitness progress and much more.

Enthused by the concept of journaling, Cartridge Save questioned some bloggers who prefer digital detox and give more time to hand-written journals, that what pleases them about this activity. Here are some of the responses:

Becky Goddard-Hill from A Beautiful Space tells that she finds the use of paper and pen purposeful and tangible. It does not let the social media create any distraction and focus on what she wants to do. Writing provides a feeling of commitment that typing does not.

Thea Price from Thea’s Thinking says that writing has been a great release for her, as she has been able to express herself better and become more clear of who she wants to be. She says that she feels online more than ever.

Victoria Davies from Snappable Musings believes that journals are more convenient for expressing thoughts, ideas, inspirations, blog posts and nearly everything. She finds it a better way to save her ideas, as the saved locations are hard to remember in the phone.

Ian Cowley (Managing Director of Cartridge Save) gave the final remarks about the statistics saying that due to the strong retaliation against technology and the loss of privacy due to the internet, people feel the need to go offline and spend time doing peaceful activities in solitude. Furthermore, technology advancements have suppressed great conventional ways of getting things done, so it’s good that people are keeping the balance between both to stay contended.

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