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Software, The Best Kept Business Secret

Where would we be without computers? How did we do things before Microsoft Office and Outlook Express? How would we get meeting notifications without calendar reminders?

Honestly, it’s not worth thinking about. It sounds like a dreadful amount of hard work.

Computers and the software packages developed for them have made running a business easier than ever before. From standard options like Excel and Outlook right through to niche market packages like highpoint.com which can do it all for your higher education facilities. There’s a package for everyone. Surely.

We should be thankful for them and the best way to do that? Get some use out of the many software packages out there that can simplify business tasks.

We need to look at the best software packages you can use, right now to boost your business.

Keeping a budget is absolutely key to running a good business. It doesn’t matter about the size of your bank account, but if you don’t know how much you can spend, you’re going to be in a heap of trouble. Planguru is a really simple budgeting software package that can manage your company’s financial outlook. With utilities that can handle payroll and ways to process financial statements and even forecast your business budgets, it’s a great way to break down money for your business.


The other side of money in business is accounting. Freshbooks is one of many options one the marketplace for accounting via software. It is simple and easy to use and can be integrated easily into pre-existing software packages, like your payroll management and email systems. It’s also internet based through the cloud, so you can access it from anywhere!

Time management software is crucial to businesses from medical practices right through to energy corporations. If we aren’t managing time correctly, we could be wasting money. When I Work will help you schedule staff shifts and employee work hours and even allows staff access so your employees can view upcoming shifts, book holidays and request further time off. Packages like When I Work can save a lot of time and keep your employees working, instead of queuing up outside your office. Genbook allows your customers to book appointments and will even offer your reminders. A great way to book in clients, patients and even employees for staff or team meetings.

Email is crucial to running a business. It’s communication and business wrapped up and fired across the web. Outlook is the main choice, but it retails for nearly a hundred dollars per user. Mozilla Thunderbird can do the same thing, allow you to email big files and is free and totally customizable. Of course, you might want to move away from email for internal communications. It’s slow and sometimes clunky. Using instant messaging software that can integrate with other apps like Slack and Basecamp is a better way to build communication in your business.

There’s just so much software can do for your business and if you have a pressing need, it is likely that a package exists that can help you out. Look for it today!