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Technology And Safety: Careers Where These Go Hand In Hand



For most employers, their employees’ health and safety is one of the most important things they need to review on a regular basis. We’ve come a long way since the factories of the Victorian times which were highly dangerous and resulted in numerous deaths. And all of that is down to developments in technology. In fact, if it hadn’t had been for new tech, the following careers would still be quite dangerous…


Workers on building sites have a lot to thank technology for. There are many modern pieces of equipment and tools that help to keep everyone on the site incredibly safe. Such as a crane mat, breathing apparatus, and safety clothing. Drones are becoming increasingly popular in the building industry as well. Most companies now fly drones over the site before any workers get to work. The drone takes pictures which are then used to analyze the site’s safety. If everything looks fine, then the workers can enter the site.

Car Manufacturing

Cars are manufactured in huge factories on production lines. A different employee is stationed at various points along the production line and completes one particular job. Then the car moves on to the next employee. There have been many stories in the media that robots will start to take these jobs from humans. However, we now know that it simply isn’t true. In fact, robots are only doing the jobs that are highly dangerous for humans. Another way in which modern tech is making car manufacturing a lot safer is that the safety equipment has massively improved. So now workers can do their job without worrying about potential injury.

Hospital Workers

There have been major technological advances in healthcare as well. And some of these have greatly improved the working conditions for doctors and nurses in hospitals. Recent developments in techniques and equipment now make diagnosis a lot easier. And it has also made staying in hospital a much more comfortable experience for patients as well. New tech can also keep hospital workers safer by reducing the chance of bugs and illnesses spreading to them from patients.



IT Workers

IT work may not be an industry that you instantly think is dangerous. After all, you aren’t at risk from a dangerous injury when you are sitting at your computer! But technology is protecting IT workers in other ways. Namely, by keeping them safe and secure while online. Modern antimalware software and firewalls can prevent viruses and hackers from breaching computer networks. And this keeps all the IT workers’ sensitive data and information safe. It also ensures that a company’s sensitive data and online payments secure as well. Even if your IT firm has cyber security, you should make sure that you regularly check for updates. As hackers are continually developing your skills, you need to make sure that you are always one step ahead of them.

As you can see, there are numerous ways in which new tech is keeping workers safe in various workplaces. And things are only going to get safer!