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How To Install A Window Air Conditioning System

This will be a step-by-step guide to installing a window air conditioner at your home or office in Australia. Window air conditioners are relatively simple to install, but there are a few points you need to keep in mind before you even buy the unit:

  • Decide which window you’ll be using to install the unit in. The required window must be close to a 3-pin outlet, and there must be some form of shelter to save it from rain. If the only window available to you doesn’t provide the required shelter, get a small roof made to keep the AC dry. If the window can’t be near a 3-pin outlet, get one installed by an electrician.
  • Make sure to check the load on the circuit the AC will draw its power from. Having other appliances, such as a refrigerator, or even a small blow-dryer, can overload the circuit, causing the AC to trip constantly.
  • Air conditioners come in different shapes and sizes. Measure the respective window to make sure your eventual unit will fit. It’s also a good idea to determine which type of window style you have. Most air conditions will fit perfectly in a double-hung window, which can be raised from the bottom.
  • You may need to add further insulation to the window after the AC is installed. Keep any such insulation on hand before you go about fitting the unit in.
  • It’s very important you know the power of your air conditioner. An AC’s power is determined by the size of the room it will cool. Once you’ve measured the area of your respective room, you can use this very helpful guide to make sure you get a unit that would work efficiently in your room.
  • Keep the following tools on hand: a drill, screwdrivers, and a level.

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Step 1: Unbox and prepare the unit:

Take the air conditioner out of its box, and remove any plastic from the accessories. These will typically be the top rail, and the side filler panels. Attach the top rail on the unit by aligning it with the respective holes, and screw it in.

For the filler panels, determine which panel goes on which side. Extend the panels themselves, and insert the ends all the way into the track and the frame into the guides in the unit. Your air conditioner should now be ready to place in the window.

Step 2: Position and secure the unit:

With the unit prepared, position it in the window such that the bottom rail sits against the outside edge. Lower the raised portion of the window pane down to the unit. Ensure that the top rail you attached in the first step rests against the window frame. Next, open up the attached panels to fill in the empty space on either side of the unit. These panels will be secured to the frame using frame locks, which the manufacturer would have provided.

Step 3: Make the assembly airtight:

Lock in the raised lower window pane with a bracket attached to the top pane. Once you’re certain that the unit can’t move, start filling in any open spaces with the weather stripping provided by the manufacturer. You’ll need to seal in the space between the top and bottom windows panes, and the small gap between your extended window panels and window frame.

Finally, make sure your unit tilts back ever so slightly. If you’ve positioned the bottom rails right, it should automatically do this. The tilt helps drain any condensation that forms within the air conditioner itself.

Step 4: Enjoy the cooling:

Plug in the device into the 3-pin socket, turn it on, and enjoy your newly chilled room. If you live in the Brisbane area and have any questions about the installation, or would like maintenance of your installed air conditioner, we recommend Snowdonia. They cover air conditioning service areas of whole Brisbane. Just call up a certified professional to come help you with all your AC needs.

For a visual guide to installing a window AC, check out this simple tutorial.