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Mike Pence Narrow Escapes as Plane Skids Off Runway at LaGuardia Airport

Donald Trump’s running mate Mike Pence has had a narrow escape after his plane slid off the runway while landing in New York City.

The Republican VP candidate told reporters he was fine after the rough touchdown at LaGuardia Airport. No one was injured.

Mike Pence and the other 30 or so passengers were evacuated through the back of the plane. He was coming from a campaign event in Fort Dodge, Iowa.

LaGuardia Airport has been closed until further notice, said officials.

The pilot slammed on the brakes and passengers on the aircraft could smell burning rubber.

Photo Getty Images

Photo Getty Images

Live TV footage showed Mike Pence standing in the rain near the plane among emergency vehicles, talking to police and other officials.

The Iowa governor tweeted: “So thankful everyone on our plane is safe. Grateful for our first responders & the concern & prayers of so many. Back on the trail tomorrow!”

He said mud had splashed on the front windows of the cockpit.

Donald Trump called Mike Pence to check on him after the incident, the campaign said.

“Mr. Trump did reach out to Gov Pence. He’s glad that everyone on board is safe,” Donald Trump spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham said in an emailed statement.

The Republican nominee was in a motorcade en route to a rally in Geneva, Ohio.

Donald Trump told supporters at his rally about Mike Pence’s plane mishap, saying: “You know, he was in a big accident with a plane.

“The plane skidded off the runway and was pretty close to grave, grave danger, but I just spoke to Mike and he’s fine. He got out. Everybody’s fine.”

Mike Pence canceled a fundraising event that he was to take part in at Trump Tower in Manhattan, and headed to his hotel.

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