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Donald Trump Presents His Plan for First 100 Days in Office

Donald Trump has outlined what he would do in his first 100 days at the White House.

With 17 days until Election Day, much of the recent focus has been on controversies linked to his campaign.

In a speech in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, The Republican nominee sought to highlight changes he would introduce.

Among them were restrictions on lobbyists and a renegotiation on trade and climate change deals.

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Hillary Clinton and running mate Tim Kaine appeared at events on October 22 in Pennsylvania, a key battleground state in the race for the White House.

Donald Trump’s advisers indicated before his speech that the measures announced would serve as the focus for the remaining two weeks of his campaign.

The speech was one of the most detailed by Donald Trump during his candidacy, and also touched on matters of security, economy and trade.

He said the country was facing a “fork in the road” over its future.

While some polls have shown he has eaten into Hillary Clinton’s lead over the past week, after the third presidential debate, she is still leading him in a number of the key swing states.

Before his speech, Donald Trump again attacked leading media outlets and suggested they were biased against him.

The billionaire vowed to break up media conglomerates, saying he would scrap the rumored purchase of the Time Warner company, the owner of CNN, by AT&T. However, those comments were made outside of his main speech, and it was not clear if they were being put forward as policy.

Donald Trump also said he would sue every woman who has accused him of assault or inappropriate behavior as soon as his presidential campaign was over.

Ten women have come forward to accuse Donald Trump of inappropriate behavior, in the weeks after a video emerged of him boasting of groping women and kissing them.

“Every woman lied when they came forward to hurt my campaign,” he told the audience in Gettysburg.

Donald Trump said the media was fabricating stories to make him “look as bad and dangerous as possible”.

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