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Hillary Clinton’s campaign team has condemned the FBI’s decision to brief lawmakers on a new inquiry into the Democratic candidate’s email use.

On October 28, FBI Director James Comey informed Congress of the move in a letter, 11 days before the election.

Hillary Clinton told supporters the move was “unprecedented” and “deeply troubling”.

However, Donald Trump has praised the FBI’s decision.

In his letter to Congress, James Comey said the FBI had learned of fresh emails which might be “pertinent” to its previous inquiry into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private server when she was secretary of state in the Obama administration.

James Comey has defended the move, insisting that not making it public would be “misleading” and also risked being “misunderstood”, given that the FBI does not know the significance of the newly found emails.Hillary Clinton on Brussels attacks

Speaking to supporters in Florida on October 29, Hillary Clinton said: “It’s not just strange, it’s unprecedented. And it is deeply troubling because voters deserve to get full and complete facts.

“So we’ve called on Director Comey to explain everything right away, put it all out on the table.”

Hillary Clinton has said she is confident the investigation into the emails will not change the FBI’s original finding in July, which criticized her but cleared her of any illegal acts.

James Comey has been heavily criticized by Clinton supporters – and according to the New York Times, justice department officials – for his decision to make the information public so close to polling day.

In a memo, James Comey acknowledged “we do not ordinarily tell Congress about ongoing investigations”. But he said he felt an “obligation” to do so given that he had previously testified that the FBI investigation was complete.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta said the information provided by James Comey was “long on innuendo” and “short on facts”.

There was, he said, “no evidence of wrongdoing. No charge of wrongdoing. No indication this is even about Hillary”.

Donald Trump meanwhile has said the issue is the biggest political scandal in the US since Watergate, which brought down President Richard Nixon.

At a rally in Colorado on October 29, the Republican candidate said: “Her criminal action was willful, deliberate, intentional and purposeful.

“Hillary set up an illegal server for the obvious purpose of shielding her illegal actions from public disclosure and exposure.”

The FBI has already established that Hillary Clinton had held classified information on a private email server.

In July, James Comey said Hillary Clinton’s handling of sensitive material during her tenure as secretary of state was “extremely careless”, but cleared her of any criminal wrongdoing.

The latest emails were discovered as part of a separate investigation into the estranged husband of top Clinton aide, Huma Abedin.

Devices belonging to Huma Abedin and Anthony Weiner, a former high-flying congressman, were seized in an investigation into whether he sent explicit emails to a 15-year-old girl in North Carolina.

Investigators are reviewing the documents to see if they contain classified information.

Hillary Clinton’s private email server was first revealed in March 2015 by the New York Times.

She did not immediately express regret, and said the main reason for her “hdr2[email protected]” address was “convenience”.

Soon after that Hillary Clinton apologized in an interview with ABC News, and has since said sorry to voters a number of times.

During the opening ceremony of his new hotel, Donald Trump has praised Newt Gingrich in his TV row with Fox News presenter Megyn Kelly over claims of misconduct made against the Republican nominee.

“Congratulations,” Donald Trump said.

“That was an amazing interview last night… We don’t play games, Newt.”

After the opening ceremony in Washington, he re-joined the campaign trail in North Carolina.

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton is spending her 69th birthday campaigning in the must-win state of Florida.

Donald Trump had some good news in a Bloomberg Politics poll that put him two points ahead in that state.

However, with less than two weeks until Election Day, Donald Trump continues to trail Hillary Clinton in other key battleground states.

Image source U.S. Marine Corps

Image source U.S. Marine Corps

The $212 million hotel opening at the Washington’s Old Post Office Pavilion was Donald Trump’s second marketing event of the week.

His campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, told NBC’s Today show on October 26 that his appearance at the opening was to showcase his accomplishments.

“Hillary Clinton took five days off to prepare for one debate and everyone looked at that as some kind of noble exercise,” Kellyanne Conway said on Today show.

“He’s got the most active campaign <<sched>> of the two candidates by far.”

The hotel opening was seized on by Hillary Clinton as further evidence that Donald Trump exploits American workers.

The Democratic nominee told a rally in Lake Worth, Florida, that Donald Trump relied on undocumented workers “to make his project cheaper”.

Many of the products in the hotel’s rooms were made overseas, Hillary Clinton said.

Megyn Kelly has previously angered Donald Trump for questioning his attitude towards women.

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich claimed the media was spending a disproportionate amount of time on the accusations of assault, which Donald Trump has denied.

Donald Trump has outlined what he would do in his first 100 days at the White House.

With 17 days until Election Day, much of the recent focus has been on controversies linked to his campaign.

In a speech in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, The Republican nominee sought to highlight changes he would introduce.

Among them were restrictions on lobbyists and a renegotiation on trade and climate change deals.

Image source Wikipedia

Image source Wikipedia

Hillary Clinton and running mate Tim Kaine appeared at events on October 22 in Pennsylvania, a key battleground state in the race for the White House.

Donald Trump’s advisers indicated before his speech that the measures announced would serve as the focus for the remaining two weeks of his campaign.

The speech was one of the most detailed by Donald Trump during his candidacy, and also touched on matters of security, economy and trade.

He said the country was facing a “fork in the road” over its future.

While some polls have shown he has eaten into Hillary Clinton’s lead over the past week, after the third presidential debate, she is still leading him in a number of the key swing states.

Before his speech, Donald Trump again attacked leading media outlets and suggested they were biased against him.

The billionaire vowed to break up media conglomerates, saying he would scrap the rumored purchase of the Time Warner company, the owner of CNN, by AT&T. However, those comments were made outside of his main speech, and it was not clear if they were being put forward as policy.

Donald Trump also said he would sue every woman who has accused him of assault or inappropriate behavior as soon as his presidential campaign was over.

Ten women have come forward to accuse Donald Trump of inappropriate behavior, in the weeks after a video emerged of him boasting of groping women and kissing them.

“Every woman lied when they came forward to hurt my campaign,” he told the audience in Gettysburg.

Donald Trump said the media was fabricating stories to make him “look as bad and dangerous as possible”.

Donald Trump has suggested that this year’s election could be “rigged”.

The Republican nominee told a rally in Columbus, Ohio, that he had heard “more and more” that the contest would be unfair. He offered no immediate evidence.

At another event Donald Trump called Democratic rival Hillary Clinton “the devil”.

He has come under fire from across the political divide for remarks he made about the parents of a Muslim soldier killed in Iraq.

On the forthcoming vote, Donald Trump told supporters: “I’m afraid the election is going to be rigged, I have to be honest.”Donald Trump San Diego rally

He later repeated the claim on Fox News, adding: “I hope the Republicans are watching closely or it’s going to be taken away from us.”

Donald Trump has made similar comments before in relation to the Democratic race, suggesting the party fixed its system to favor nominee Hillary Clinton over her challenger Bernie Sanders.

Earlier this year, Donald Trump also complained the Republican primary system was also “rigged” amid party efforts to stop his march to the candidacy.

Correspondents say the New York billionaire could be trying to capitalize on voters’ distrust of establishment institutions, or lay the groundwork should he lose the election.

At another rally in Pennsylvania, Donald Trump took the unprecedented step of directly calling Hillary Clinton “the devil”.

He attacked Bernie Sanders for capitulating in the Democratic race, saying he “made a deal with the devil. She’s the devil”.

Democrats and Republicans alike have condemned Donald Trump for his remarks about the parents of Captain Humayun Khan, who was killed by a car bomb in 2004 in Iraq, at the age of 27.

Former Republican presidential candidate John McCain became the latest senior figure in the party to criticize Donald Trump for his attacks.

John McCain, a veteran of the Vietnam War, said in a strongly worded statement that Donald Trump did not have “unfettered license to defame the best among us”.

Donald Trump had caused controversy by suggesting Humayun Khan’s mother, Ghazala Khan, had been prevented from speaking alongside her husband at the Democratic convention last week.

In another development, Warren Buffett challenged Donald Trump to release his tax returns.

Donald Trump has said that they cannot be made public until the financial authorities have completed an audit.

However, Warren Buffett said there were no rules against showing tax returns and allowing people to ask questions about them.