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How School Budgets Are Divided Up and Spent


Schools require a lot of money to stay functional throughout the school year. As the school year is starting right about now, it seems a good time to look at how budgets are divided up and spent in the education system. There are more things that need to have money spending on them than you might realise. Of all the things that are financed by the state, the education system is right up there as one of the most expensive of them all. It’s a price that has to be paid though. Without a top quality education system, a society wouldn’t be functional.

The modern world has had an impact on how schools function too. These days, the cost of running a school is only going up not down. More school places are needed, and the equipment used in the classroom is more costly than ever before. So, read on to find out how money is spent on schools.

Teaching Staff and Assistants

The biggest expenditure in the education sector is in teaching staff. Teachers are the most important factor when it comes to determining whether a child will get a good education or not. Of course, there are many other things that matter too. But without a good teacher, it’s very difficult for any child to get the start in life they need. Teacher salaries and the salaries of teaching assists take up a large chunk of the education budget. This is not something that can be cut back without damaging standards in schools though. The main problem is in encouraging more people to enter the profession.

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Books and Libraries

Every school has to have a library. This is one the essential services that schools offer to children. It gives them the chance to read more, which is essential when their minds are still developing. And for older pupils, libraries can be used for them to expand their knowledge of a certain topic they’re studying. It costs a lot of money to buy all the books to fill those libraries. Schools can often get discounted rates though. There are also the textbooks that need to be used in the classroom,  as well as the librarians to work in the libraries.

Classroom Furniture

Classrooms need to have desks and chairs, first of all. This is the basic furniture that no school can be without. Student chairs need to be able to offer support and comfort to pupils. They get distracted far more easily when they are not given the right chairs to sit on during the day. And desks need to be at the right height as well. That’s not all that schools need when it comes to classroom furniture though. Storage spaces and cabinets are equally important because there are all kinds of files, books and supplies that have to be stored.

New Technology

These days, technology plays a big part in the learning process. Many modern schools use things like tablets to aid learning. And those kinds of gadgets don’t come cheap. Interactive boards are usually used to make it easier for teachers to engage pupils and get them involved. Each of these innovations can help children to learn in better ways. But technology changes and improve rapidly. So, there is a continual need to update and replace the equipment that’s currently in place. This means that quite a lot of money has to be spent on technology.


The school has to provide food that can be bought at lunch time by pupils. Most pupils will pay for their own food, but there is more that goes into the process that purchasing the food itself. There are canteen workers that are involved in the preparation and cooking of the food throughout the morning. It takes a team of people in order to feed so many children by a set time. So, this is something that has to be taken into account by whoever sets the budget. There are also cleaners and attendants that have to do their jobs during and after the lunch break.


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It’s often the boring and dull stuff going on behind the scenes that keep a school functioning. Without a strong administration team, many other things wouldn’t be possible. They take care of any databases and registers. This means they are the ones holding information on pupil attendance, health files and other important matters. They will also take care of the school budget and make sure that money is allocated in the right ways at the right times. There are usually three to five people taking care of the admin tasks. But the size of the team will depend on the size of the school.

Building Maintenance and Expansion

Keeping the actual building of the school in good condition is essential. Obviously, when it is used by hundreds of people every day, it will sustain damage and experience wear and tear. But it’s also vital that these repairs are carried out carefully and quickly by someone who knows what they’re doing. Safety is understandably a big concern for anyone involved in running a school. The pupils’ safety has to be the number one priority at all times. That’s why a caretaker or janitor is hired in every school. And the expenses grow even further if new space has to be built to accommodate more pupils.

Sports Equipment and Maintenance

Sports equipment doesn’t come cheap, but it is an important part of the school experience for children. Physical education lessons are mandatory for all children. And keeping children active is becoming an even bigger priority. It allows the children to stay in shape and avoid any potential health problems that result from growing levels of childhood obesity. Maintaining pitches and playing surfaces also cost money. And money has to be spent on any after school sports activities that the school offers to children as well. Most schools do have these kinds of sports teams that children can join and get involved in if they want to.