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Zika Outbreak: New Case Investigated In Florida


A new case of Zika contracted in Florida is being investigated by the Department of Health.

The patient lives in West Palm Beach County about 70 miles north of the initial transmission zone.

Florida Gov. Rick Scott said the state officials still believe that active transmission zone for the virus is one square mile in Wynwood neighborhood in North Miami.Zika outbreak Brazil 2016

The infected person had recently traveled to the Miami area.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) previously issued a travel warning for the neighborhood, particularly focused on pregnant women.

Zikavirus is known to cause a severe birth defect called microcephaly, which can infants to develop abnormally small heads.

With the school year about to begin, Gov. Rick Scott said the state is sending mosquito repellent to school districts in affected and neighboring counties.

The outreach covers primary school through public universities.

In Miami, where 16 locally transmitted cases of Zika have been confirmed, the authorities have sprayed against mosquitoes and tried to remove standing water, where the insects breed.

Authorities have also encouraged the public at large to use insect repellent on their own.

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