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Brussels Attacks: Hillary Clinton Rebukes Republicans in Counter-Terrorism Speech

Hillary Clinton rebuked Republicans and defended NATO in a counter-terrorism speech after March 22 deadly attacks in Brussels.

The Democratic frontrunner’s comments contrasted sharply with her Republican counterparts, namely Donald Trump, who has suggested scaling back US commitments to NATO.

Hillary Clinton said the US should consult more deeply with Arab partners and stand with Europe in its time of need.

“Our European allies stood with us on 9/11. It’s time to return the favor” she said.Hillary Clinton on Brussels attacks

“America should not turn its back on its allies,” Hillary Clinton said during remarks at Stanford University in California, and insulting them is not a good way to fight terrorism.

The former secretary of state addressed Donald Trump’s calls to reinstate the use of torture and water boarding to glean information from those accused of terrorism.

“I am proud to have been part of an administration that outlawed torture,” Hillary Clinton said.

The deadly attacks in Brussels that killed 34 people are the “latest brutal reminder” that more must be one to defeat to ISIS militant group, she said.

The US and Europe should take a “harder look” at airport security protocols, and other “soft targets” that ISIS may attack.

Hillary Clinton also said proposal in Congress to make a national commission on encryption could help fight online radicalization.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz has suggested in the wake of Brussels attacks that police patrol Muslim neighborhoods to fight terrorism, and has also suggested “carpet-bombing” ISIS in Syria.

Hillary Clinton called his suggestion “wrong, counterproductive and dangerous,” and that it would be similar to “treating American Muslims like criminals”.

Donald Trump has said it is acceptable to kill terrorists’ families and that the US should not admit any Muslims into its borders.

Hillary Clinton said of Donald Trump’s foreign policy views: “If Mr. Trump gets his way, it will be like Christmas in the Kremlin.”

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