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Singapore Tops Quality Of Life Index, Named Best Place To Move Abroad


A recent study by expat company, InterNations, reveals that Singapore is the best place to move abroad. According to metrics including quality of life, security, and healthcare, the country comes out on top. Ecuador and Austria took second and third place, respectively. Interestingly, many South American countries ranked highest for happiness. There must be something in the water there! Back in Singapore, it’s clear that the modern mix of business, social life, and public services puts it on top. We decided to take a look in more detail.



Economy – The World Bank recently named Singapore as the best country on the planet to do business. With its crucial position within emerging Asian markets, there is a HQ here for nearly every major company. Finding a job certainly isn’t difficult here, and the salaries are higher than back home. Meanwhile, starting a business takes only three days on the island, so entrepreneurs will feel at home here. High wages and high-tech economy defines Singapore. Find out more about the Singapore economy at doingbusiness.org.

Housing – There is no shortage of good quality housing here in Singapore. In fact, the country has the fourth fastest-growing real estate market on the planet. It’s a great place to make an investment in property. Even the rental market looks good here, with stunning high rise flats, and generous condos. Take a look for yourself at GreyLoft.com, and get settled into the Asian lifestyle.

Public services – One of the biggest reasons for topping the quality of life index is the public services. Yes, you’ll pay more tax here. But, in return, you get access to wonderful services. The healthcare system is affordable, even to foreigners. As for the public transport, making your way around the small island is easy. These services are what gives expats a feeling of security while living here.



Low crime rate – The locals and expats also feel incredibly safe on the streets of Singapore. There’s a strict no-tolerance policy to drugs here, and they crack down hard on crime. Having said that, you’ll rarely see a policeman on the streets, and public disturbance is rare. There’s a safe and comfortable feeling in the city, even at night.

Education – If you’re looking to bring children up in Singapore, you’re well catered for. The schools here are impeccable, with very high standards. All children are required to learn a second language, so everyone grows up bilingual. They also place an importance on arts and sports here, so every child gets a fully rounded education. The private schools are much more expensive, but that is the case across the globe.

Weather – If there’s one thing that always affects our quality of life, it’s the weather. When you move to Singapore, you enjoy year-round sun and warm temperatures. It’s hard to feel downhearted when it feels like summer all the time. There is one caveat here though, it rains a lot! So, keep an umbrella handy at all times.

If you’re looking for a change in the pace of life, consider making the move to Singapore. Great for business, great for public services, and great for your quality of life.