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Different Options for Accessing Your Loft and Attic


A lot of people build lofts or attics as a storage solution. They are perfect, as they are underneath the roof. As such, they are a very affordable option that avoids you having to build a shed. Additionally, it means you can always access whatever you have stored up there. Sometimes, however, loft stairs can be a bit of an issue. Many homes do not have the space to put a staircase into their loft in place, for instance. Luckily, however, they can choose to get loft ladders instead.

Structure building is always a costly thing. Just the materials for staircases are quite costly. And, unless you are an established carpenter yourself, you will really struggle with building a full staircase, even if you do have the money and the space. You can expect to fork out a few thousand dollars for a staircase. Ladders, on the other hand, cost a few hundred if that.

Loft ladders come in all sorts of materials. The most popular ones tend to be aluminum, because it is very durable yet lightweight. Steel models are more durable and can be more suitable for heavy use lofts. Wood is also popular, mainly because it is very beautiful. However, wood also tends to be more expensive.

Three Section Ladders

The three section ladder is one of most popular models. They are very easy to install, which goes a long way towards explaining their popularity. Usually, they have wide, comfortable and safe treads as well. They also exist with extra hand rails, which are perfect to make the ladder safer overall. Once people start to age, for instance, it is more important than ever to have safety procedures in place.

Concertina Ladders

Concertinas are also very popular types of loft ladders. They are perfect for those lofts that have very limited floor space or a very small loft opening. Usually, these ladders are attached to the actual loft. A user simply grabs the handle and pulls it down, at which point it expands.

Telescopic Ladders

Then, there are the telescopic ladders. These are very easy to store and retract in a small space. Usually, these are aluminum ladders, which makes it really easy to carry the ladder around.

Before you shop for your ladder, you have a few things to think about. The size of your loft entrance is very important. You need to make sure that the ladder is neither too large nor too small. This is why you should have measurements before you go shopping. Measure not just the size of your loft opening, but also the amount of floor space that you have available. Also check what the distance is from the loft entrance to the floor, so that your ladder is long enough to reach.

There are a few considerations to make, including material, safety features and, naturally, price. Take some time to study your options before you decide which one you want to purchase.

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