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Mark Zuckerberg Plans to Build Artificial Intelligence Similar to Iron Man’s Jarvis

Mark Zuckerberg has announced he is planning to build artificial intelligence (AI) to help him around the house and with his work.

In a Fecebook post, the social media site founder said his personal challenge in 2016 would be to build a “simple AI” similar to the butler Jarvis from Iron Man.

Mark Zuckerberg says he plans to share his progress over the course of the year.

In December 2015, he made headlines for plans to give away 99% of his Facebook stake.

Mark Zuckerberg had to defend his philanthropic venture – launched to celebrate the birth of his daughter Maxima Chan Zuckerberg – after critics argued that it could provide a way for the founder to avoid paying tax on the sale of his shares.

On January 4, Mark Zuckerberg said he would start to build the AI with technology that is already out there and teach it to understand his voice to control everything in his home from music and lights to temperature.

Photo Facebook

Photo Facebook

“This should be a fun intellectual challenge to code this for myself,” he said.

“I’ll teach it to let friends in by looking at their faces when they ring the doorbell,” Mark Zuckerberg added.

“I’ll teach it to let me know if anything is going on in Max’s room that I need to check on when I’m not with her.”

For Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg added that the system would help him visualize data in virtual reality and help him build better services, as well as lead his company.

His announcement comes as Facebook is in the midst of AI initiatives such as building an assistant through its Messenger app for users.

The Facebook founder said a part of the motivation behind 2016 challenge was the reward of building things yourself.

Mark Zuckerberg’s previous personal challenges have included learning Mandarin, reading two books a month and meeting a new person every day.