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Ten Things to Do in Order to Understand Maths


Some people are math geniuses. They understand incredibly complex mathematical formulas without any effort, and they can easily find the connection between two concepts. The rest of us perceive math as a huge burden of abstract formulas that have nothing to do with our lives and our interests. We spend hours on a simple homework assignment only to end up thinking “I really need math homework help” when we understand we can’t get anywhere without proper instructions.

Before getting any further, let’s clarify one thing: people who understand math are not smarter than the rest of the class. Their brains incline towards mathematical concepts, while other students have tendencies towards art, history, literature, or sports. The main thing to remember is that you can always become better if you try hard enough.

Let’s see what exactly you can do in order to become better in math.

  1. Do your homework right after school

It’s very important to do your math homework while your impressions from the teacher’s explanations are still fresh. As soon as you get home from classes, get your notebooks and do the math homework for the day. When you turn this into a routine, you’ll be getting progressively better.

  1. Search for online solutions

For example, let’s say you’re stuck with the quadratic formula and you have no idea how to implement it in the assignment you’re working on. You can search for math answers online. You’ll discover different online tutorials that simplify math and bring it closer to your understanding.

  1. Get math help!

Maybe you’re doing your best to get ready for a math test, but things are not working out that well. You can’t understand what your teacher is talking about and you have no idea how to solve the homework assignments. In such case, it would be best to get math homework help online. There are services that will pair you with tutors who will help you get the assignment done in no time. When you observe their work and you realize what steps they take in order to come to a final solution, it will be easier for you to understand the concepts and start working on the assignments independently.

  1. Learn from your friends

Some of your friends are really good at math. They always do their homework on time, so you can ask to copy the solutions to the problems you didn’t understand. This is a better solution than not doing your homework at all. However, make sure you’re not simply copying the solutions for the sake of presenting the assignment; you have to pay attention to each step. If you don’t understand how a certain formula was applied, ask your friend for an explanation. Learning is a social activity. Start sharing your troubles with friends who can help, and you’ll soon realize that math can be a really fun activity for teams.

  1. Pay attention in class

There is not much to explain here. Listen to your teacher! When you don’t understand something, ask for a better explanation. When he/she gives an assignment, make sure to complete it.

  1. Have some confidence!

Do you know why most people suck at math? Because they don’t believe they can do any better. If you belong in this category, it’s time to change your mindset. Mathematical concepts are pretty straightforward; you’ll definitely understand them if you invest enough effort.

  1. Make that effort!

Practice, practice, practice! Even if you have a hard time at the beginning, just say to yourself: “I’ll do my math and I’ll have some rest later.” When you don’t have homework, practice math just because you want to. Solve few problems a day and you’ll gain huge confidence in your skills before the time for tests comes.

  1. Learn from the mistakes

Everyone makes errors in math. Everyone! Don’t get frustrated if you get a different solution than the one you’re supposed to come down to. Start from the beginning and pay attention to the mistake that led you in the wrong direction. If you become aware of the mistake, the chances for repeating the same one will be minimal.

  1. Understand the application of math in the real world

There is true philosophy in the essence of mathematical concepts. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to understand how our world functioned. We still don’t understand everything, but all scientific revolutions are dependent upon math. When you realize that our daily activities are intertwined with math, you’ll learn how to appreciate it.

  1. Build your knowledge from the bottoms up

Math lessons are cumulative: the concepts you’re currently dealing with are closely related to the ones you previously learned. This means that if you don’t understand a particular formula, you’ll have troubles with the rest of the course as well. It’s important to build your knowledge persistently. Try to understand the current lessons before you get acquainted to new problems and formulas.

It’s Time for Math!

Your success will be based on practice. The knowledge you gain through your efforts will be very useful for any course you take in future. Math makes you a more logical thinker, so that new skill of yours will be transferred to all areas of life.