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Building A Sustainable Economy In Afghanistan

The nation of Afghanistan has had a long and illustrious history as part of the community of nations, and there are plenty of reasons to assume that it will yet rebuild its economy and infrastructure to a sustainable and competitive level.

However, there are certainly plenty of challenges to be faced and solved, both in the present and the near future. The continuing lack of a centralized, coherent governing structure is presently the issue that stands most in need of correction. Once a stable seat of power is established, the rest of the issues will likely fall in line to be addressed, one by one.

Sustainable Economy In Afghanistan

The Continuing Constitutional Crisis Demands A Swift Resolution

To begin with, it has long been the opinion of many geopolitical experts, as well as political and economic policy makers, that the primary problem facing the nation of Afghanistan is its continuing lack of a viable legislative center. The lack of a strong constitution that governs the nation is a serious impediment, not only to good order but also to economic growth and independence.

While the government has made certain significant moves to address this issue, it will require the help of native born entrepreneurs, such as Ehsan Bayat among many others, who have returned to Afghanistan with the object of doing everything in their power to restore the political and economic independence of the nation.

Laying The Ground For A Successful Restoration Of Free Enterprise

It is true that a constitutional crisis is looming that will require a serious effort and commitment of resources to resolve. However, it is nonetheless also true that the successful restoration of free enterprise in Afghanistan is bound to provide a foundation of stability and sustainability that will be the starting point for further growth and prosperity in the coming decades.

Western Technological Know How Is Still Required In Afghanistan

There is plenty of scope for Western technological know how to be utilized in order to improve the financial, economic, and cultural landscape of Afghanistan. Investment from globally based private firms, along with the many billions of dollars that have spent by Western governments in providing relief to the nation, has resulted in a palpable improvement in the lives of millions of Afghan citizens. However, much more remains to be done.

The development of such companies as Afghan Wireless has been a major breakthrough. These companies, the majority of whom have been founded by native Afghans who have returned from exile after receiving a Western financial and technological education, have restored economic stability in many parts of the country. What is needed for the future is more of this precise sort of infrastructure, with the primary goal being the establishment of a privately owned network of communication that can unite the entire country.

The Continued Growth Of Private Enterprise Is An Encouraging Sign

While these and many other issues remain to be addressed and solved, it is true that the continued growth of private enterprise in Afghanistan is an encouraging sign. The welcome restoration of communication, coupled with the establishment of a truly competitive system of free enterprise, is sure to reap a harvest of progress and prosperity in the future, as long as such timely developments are properly encouraged and nurtured in the present day.