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The Good Life: The Main Reasons Canadians Are Choosing Calgary


Calgary is a city that all Canadians can appreciate. Not only is it situated in a scenic natural environment but it is also one of Canada’s fastest growing cities and its residents boast Canada’s highest personal income level. The Economist also ranks Calgary as the 7 th  most livable city in the world. Whether you’re a student, a prospective employee, a home buyer, a person who likes to save their money or someone who appreciates a pristine natural environment, this is the city for you.

Higher Education

Some of the best colleges, schools and training centers in the country can be found in Calgary. The University of Calgary is probably the best example. This university attracts students from all over the country with it’s comprehensive technology, engineering and financial programs as well as offering degrees in virtually every other discipline. Calgary loves innovation and entrepreneurs, as there are more “technology start-ups” in this city than anywhere else in Canada, and the university reflects this spirit. In fact, this university is where the Java software platform was developed.


Photo Source: pcacalgary.ca


Despite some temerity in the regional job market due to the drop in oil prices, the employment forecast looks optimistic, especially in Calgary. Not only are the existing energy companies making an effort to improve their environmental outlook with fresh faces and new jobs, but many other industries that focus on ecology and green energy are making headway. Hospitality and tourism have always been and continue to be very popular in this city and the marketing and financial sectors are still faring well.

Housing and Transit

Recent drops in housing prices in Calgary have made the dream of home ownership a reality for residents. The prices of both old and new homes in Calgary have recently dropped, which is great for those who want to make an investment or buy a permanent home. If you are looking at Calgary real estate, don’t worry too much about location. The local transit system includes both buses and a train and can take you almost anywhere in Calgary. And that’s in addition to the myriad of bicycle pathways and pedestrian walkways.

Environment- Civic and Natural

Calgary’s location at the foot of the Rocky Mountains and barely 2 hours away from Banff is one of the best in the country, perhaps even on Earth. Residents appreciate the myriad of activities right outside their doors and tourists traverse the planet to see these awesome natural sights for themselves. There are also ample activities available if you’re more interested in art, opera or ballet. These activities not only ensure a steady stream of tourists and their related dollars but improves the quality of life for everyone.

Calgary is a thriving city with great potential for travelers, tourists or potential residents. This eclectic city welcomes Canadians from other provinces as well as international visitors. The good life is within your reach in Calgary. Come for the economy and stay for the view.

Jeanne Shelton works in business and financial planning and has first-hand experience of life in this great city. She enjoys the chance to share her thoughts on how to enjoy the good life with other online and is a regular writer for a variety of lifestyle websites.