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4 Household Items Worth Spending More Money On


Household furnishings and amenities are things that can change a lot from person to person. From the college student’s thrifted furnishings and a futon to the corporate exec’s tastefully-appointed penthouse, household items serve as a measure of the lifestyle of the dweller. Of course, not all of us can afford to live the high life, and household goods can be a place where we try to cut back. For some items, though, such as those listed below, skimping can be a big mistake.

Sofas and Chairs

In most places, your living room is the first thing visitors will see. Since your seating, such as couches and chairs, are the most noticeable part of this room, making a smart buy is important. While a Salvation Army couch might serve you well when you’re in your first off-campus apartment, low-cost furniture can cause problems. Not only is it unlikely to hold up, but used upholstered goods can bring parasites into your home, infesting you. Older furniture can also retain hard-to-vanquish odors. Save yourself the headache; buy new and comfortable from the start.

Dishes and Silverware


When you have guests over, you may be expected to feed them. Mismatched plates and oddly sized, rusty eating utensils will kill the mood of your dinner party quicker than anything else. Have at least one nice set of matching plates and bowls, as well as a nice set of the major utensils. Moreover, don’t neglect serving dishes like large bowls and pots. The finest meal in the world tastes a little worse coming out of a melted plastic bowl and a corroded Goodwill cooking vessel.

Cleaning Supplies

Nobody likes to clean. Well, some do, but they are certainly the exception. If you are not one of those lucky few, it can be tough to spend your hard-earned money on top-notch cleaning gear. That is where many mistakes are made, because old and worn equipment only makes cleaning more of a chore. Replace disposable gear like sponges regularly. Look at new vacuum cleaners rather than thrift-store models. Finally, pick a cleanser with a pleasant scent rather than the cheapest one. Investing a little can make cleaning more bearable.


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Bargain shopping has its place, but there are some things in life you can’t skimp on. Knowing where and how much to splurge is key to making the most of your money and your time. Budget your income and spend wisely so that you can enjoy the finer things in the right places.

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