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Oscar Pistorius Released from Jail


Oscar Pistorius has been released from jail and put under house arrest nearly one year after he was imprisoned for killing his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp.

The Paralympic athlete is expected to spend the remainder of a five-year prison sentence at his uncle’s home in Pretoria.

Oscar Pistorius, 28, shot Reeva Steenkamp through a locked bathroom door but said he thought she was an intruder.

Reeva Steenkamp’s relatives say they think Oscar Pistorius is “getting off lightly”.

Oscar Pistorius was found guilty of culpable homicide, or manslaughter, in October 2014.

A case lodged by the prosecution appealing that decision is due to be heard by the Supreme Court of Appeal on November 4. State prosecutors say Oscar Pistorius should have instead been convicted of murder.Oscar Pistorius released from jail

Oscar Pistorius was released on October 19, a day earlier than expected, according to a spokesman from the Kgosi Mampuru II prison, where he was being held.

“Oscar Pistorius was placed under correctional supervision tonight,” Manelisi Wolela confirmed in a statement.

“The handling of the actual placement is an operational matter of the local management, and how they handle it is their prerogative that is carried out in the best interest of all parties concerned, the victims, the offender and the Department of Correctional Services,” he added.

Oscar Pistorius was driven under cover of darkness to his uncle’s house 20 minutes away.

It is understood he will not be electronically tagged but he will have restrictions on his movement.

Oscar Pistorius’ parole conditions include gun ownership restrictions and continued psychotherapy sessions. The double-amputee is also expected to do a period of community service.

Under South African law, Oscar Pistorius was eligible for release under “correctional supervision” having served a sixth of his sentence.

Meanwhile, a close family friend of Oscar Pistorius said he was in poor physical shape, adding that his return to athletics would be unlikely.

If the prosecution is successful with its appeal in November, Oscar Pistorius could face a lengthy sentence back in prison.

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