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Infocus M810T 4G Phablet : Sitting at the big boys table

Infocus is a rising star in the smartphone market and each iteration of their products has done nothing but solidify this idea. The phablet market has become saturated with overpriced devices that fail to deliver as well as cheap knockoffs that claim to have the same features of the pricier models. Infocus has had to work hard to make inroads in this saturated marketplace due to their late entry, but with top notch products, they have chance to shake up the major players eventually.

The thing that sticks out first with the M810T is the price point. Coming in at less than $143 on gearbest.com it’s a heck of a bargain once you understand everything it can do. This is a calculated, generous platform created by Infocus to show customers that they deserve the same amount of features as an iPad but without the arm and a leg it costs to buy it. This phablet has high quality components such as a Snapdragon 801 processor (one of the fastest) and Corning Gorilla Glass 3. The processor obviously allows for seamless use between applications and the glass keeps it from breaking if you tap it too hard.

The phablet was shipped very fast and we received it in a few business days. The packaging is good and sturdy, it comes in an elegant box and it’s wrapped in a layer of bubble wrap and another layer of packaging on top as you can see in the pictures:

Infocus-M810t-unpacking Infocus-M810t-unpacking3Infocus-M810t-unpacking-2

Even though it’s quite durable, it’s also on the light side. As rival companies Samsung and Apple seek to create thinner and lighter tablets, everyone else has to raise the bar as well. This one is only 6.99mm thick and very compact. The screen itself, made of the durable glass, is 5.5 inches with a very high resolution and vibrant color scheme built in. This allows great photos to be taken with its rear camera which clocks in at 13 megapixels. It’s also got the even more necessary selfie or front camera with 5 megapixels.

The high end processor will let you watch movies, play games or surf the web and leave all these applications open at the same time. This thankfully doesn’t lead to overheating on the device, a common drawback that users encounter. And since it does connect up to 4G you’ll be able to access the highest speed internet available.Infocus-M810t-unpacking4

On the storage side, you’ll find it comes standard with 16 GB with the option to insert a 64 GB memory card, if you need. Some of the games you download can take up some serious space, so might be worth the investment. Since the price is so reasonable to start, you can probably afford to splurge on the memory card.

For people who are getting their first phablet or looking to replace one, the Infocus M810T is a modest and relatively safe investment. You’ll only be paying around $143 and you get a lot of upside. As Infocus becomes more recognizable their products will increase in demand. The time to get on the bandwagon is now.

Performance screenshots from AntuTu:

Infocus-M810t-benchmark-performance1 Infocus-M810t-benchmark-performance2 Infocus-M810t-benchmark-performance3 Infocus-M810t-benchmark-performance4 Infocus-M810t-benchmark-performance5


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