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The Future of Manufacturing Efficiency – Using Linear Actuators

Actuators are generally devices that help in making the movement of some machines easier. For example, electric actuators are devices that apply low voltage DC motor of a rotational motion and converts it into linear motion, usually acting in a pull and push movement. Actuators use less power compared to the immense output they deliver. Linear actuators are efficient and needs less space to install. They are used in a wide range of applications, ranging from the luxury hotels, hospitals, homes and industrial plants to mention just a few. Since there are less to none reported cases of casualty and user hazards, they are then rated user and equally environmental friendly. Maintenance costs are way too minimal as well and to a large extent, no expenses are incurred at all.

In hospitals, emergency department beds are fixed with this device such that the patient suffers less shock during hurried movements, such avoiding further injuries to them. This device again makes it easier for nurses to move easily and safely with medication for instance from one ward to another. Even in the theater, an adjustment of lights during surgery is effective by use of the same. Comfort and required positioning for medication are a major concern best dealt with by this device. In offices, chairs are made adjustable to achieve proper posture during work. It maximizes on work output by creating a conducive atmosphere to the worker.

It is a perfect option to go by in industries, institutions and offices especially areas where precision and accuracy is paramount because it is a quiet device and creates less distraction to the surrounding. In hospitals its use is widely in the intense care unit and in the theaters. Movements in the hospitals are minimized as much as possible to create that peaceful environment. Ambience in luxury hotels is crucial and an added advantage to the general hospitality of the clients and tourists who other than adventure, expect a serene environment. It is in such a manner that companies are designing comfy beds fitted with adjustable rods to satisfy this aspect in the favor of hospitality services and general reputation of classy hotels and resorts.manufacturing-efficiency-actuators2

Due to rise of automobile demand world over, manufacturing companies have resolved on the cheaper production costs to make their vehicles affordable in the market. To counter the challenge of too much manpower, use of robots has been employed. These devices are programmable and each aspect in the system can be monitored. Feedback is sent to the main control unit and experts use this information as an input to perform sophisticated tasks that runs simultaneously in the system.
Power conservation is ranked top to this device. Operating at 70-80% total system efficiency increases the profit margin. They are a true choice to cut down on production cost; this equals favorable pricing of its products in the market. It is a clean option because these workshops relying on these devices are exempts of oily messes on the floors.


Electric current is highly compatible with actuators compared to piping because cables are easy to install. Actuators require less space to be installed. This is because no pumps and hoses are needed. Usually hoses needs underground foundation and most of these are expensive. Manpower for this investment is tiresome and contractors will take more time installing. Mechanical power supply will need big fuel tankers to sustain the system.