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Cecil the Lion: Walter Palmer Wanted by Zimbabwe Police


Walter Palmer is under heavy criticism from conservationists and animal lovers following allegations that he paid $50,000 to go on a hunt in Zimbabwe.

The American dentist was identified on July 28 by The Telegraph as the hunter who paid $50,000 to kill Cecil the lion, one of Africa’s most famous lions, earlier this month.

In Zimbabwe, hunters can pay $50,000 to kill a trophy lion.Walter Palmer kills trophy lion

Zimbabwean police are searching for Walter Palmer, who shot the protected lion with a crossbow, the Associated Press reported.

After The Telegraph’s report that Walter Palmer was responsible for Cecil’s death, his name quickly started trending worldwide on Twitter.

Users are also sharing several photos from Walter Palmer’s other hunts. They also tweeted death threats and began sharing the contact information for Walter Palmer’s dental practice, River Bluff Dental.

Meanwhile, a petition calling for “justice” has already been signed by more than 12,000 people.