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Roller shutters & security grilles: Most effective night-time security devices revealed!

It’s not just commercial premises that are protected by roller shutters and security grilles, homes and garages can all enhance their security and benefit from the introduction of these installations.

Security for every building

Roller shutters from here will provide you with a wide range of all types of security appliances to ensure your home or business is secure. Domestic garages don’t just house your prized car, they are often used for expensive tools, garden equipment and even boats and canoes.

Security shutters can be operated manually or electronically, and you can be confident that all of your precious possessions will be secure should you be absent from home. Insurance companies love any additional domestic protection, so make sure that you inform your insurer once you fit any security grilles to your home, your premiums might even come down in price.

Expense isn’t everything

An article in The Daily Mail highlighted the growth of security devices that can be controlled from a mobile ‘phone. The Qualcomm house, featured at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, had a huge range of gadgets that will alert homeowners to the presence of burglars in their property, from smoke detectors to advanced external lighting systems this house claims to be burglar proof.

The problem is that the system doesn’t provide comprehensive cover for your home or commercial buildings from the most determined of intruders. A power cut or WiFi failure can make these systems inoperable.

Security blinds work because not only do they protect a building, they also act as a highly visible deterrent. The opportunist thief probably won’t want to risk the noise and disturbance caused by damaging a metal security blind, however they might try to gain entry to a building that doesn’t have any visible signs of external protection.

Combine new technology with tried and tested methods

A combination of new technology as featured here might be the best tool in the fight against crime. The new Flare security system will only allow access to your home to those whom it recognises through its facial recognition technology. If you own a bar or need a secure store room in your building, you can always double up on security by having an internal roller shutter to ensure that only those who are authorised have access to valuable stock.


The ultimate night time deterrent

The Crime Prevention website, suggests that ‘external shutters create a primary barrier in front of your doors and windows and will delay entry into your home by an intruder.’ Anyone trying break into your property at night might well wake up the neighbours by rattling the shutters and prompt a telephone call to the police.

Shutters and grilles also prevent thieves from seeing what’s in your property and they might decide that an illegal intrusion might not be worth the risk. Adding CCTV and an alarm to your property will serve to make your buildings look even more undesirable to the criminal fraternity.