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Storage Sheds Provide Cost Effective Alternatives to Kennels for Breeders


If you are a dog breeder looking for the perfect low-cost solution to building a kennel for moms and pups, have you considered the advantages of custom designed storage sheds? You can build storage sheds yourself with plans you can learn about on this page and even make modifications in the design to suit your needs. It may be necessary to keep the dogs separate from the commotion in your living quarters so if you are looking to build a kennel out back, you may be surprised at the advantages of using a storage shed.


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Storage Sheds with Climate Control

The first thing you should think about is finding a plan that will be easily adaptable to the installation of interior walls. This is a must if you are going to house dogs in the shed because of the need for climate control. Many purebred dogs require cooler than average temperatures while others, specifically short hair breeds, need it a bit warmer in winter months. Puppies will need to have adequate cooling or heating and the best way to ensure this is to insulate the shed and finish the walls.

Floor vs No Floor

One of the major benefits of building storage sheds from tailored plans is that you can opt to set it on its own foundation. Some breeders just don’t want their dogs on soil and that is understandable. With an inexpensive poured concrete slab floor, it is possible to allow for a drain so that the room can be hosed out daily or as needed. When you are talking about dogs that fetch hundreds (sometimes thousands!) of dollars, it is worth the investment to maintain sanitary conditions at all times.

Why Breeders Keep Dogs outside the Home

Perhaps the main reason why storage sheds provide an optimum solution is because many breeders keep their breeding pairs and pups separate from the household. Many females have a hard time delivering in a home where there is a lot of chaos and the stressed delivery is not good for the pups. Professional breeders often try to keep their dogs separate, especially during the final stages simply to reduce stress on the mother dog and to give her the privacy she requires during labor. As a breeder, you probably know exactly how important this is.

Easy Customizations

When looking for the perfect plans to build storage sheds to be used as kennels, there is an almost infinite number of options. However, you are never limited to a standard blueprint as you can design almost any feature you need into the plan. Do you want windows to let natural light in during the day? Perhaps you want to install a wall unit air conditioner and would like to have that worked into the plan as well. Need flooring? Not a problem!

Whatever you need to make that kennel a safe place for your dogs is not outside the realm of possibility. As a breeder, you know what your dogs need and this is, by far, one of the most cost effective and safe solutions.